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Softlips Review and Giveaway

 softlips-logo We often purchase beauty products to help us look younger, or help us look more “put together” and to boost our confidence. Often times we focus on areas that need improvement. For instance, I would never dream of leaving my house without mascara on. When focusing on our flaws, it is easy to overlook areas that need protection. We all know the importance of applying sunscreen when we are exposed to the sun, and it is just as important to protect our lips.  

Softlips® offers a complete line of lip care products with a perfect blend of style and function to keep lips soft, moisturized, beautiful and healthy. Known for its unique slim stick design, the brand has an array of flavored lip balms with SPF 20 and a new line of natural lip care products made with 100% natural ingredients - including a certified organic lip balm line. Softlips® now adds a touch of color, with tinted balms and light glosses that go with every skin tone.

The first products I tried were the Tinted Lip Balms. These tinted lip balms provide ultimate softlips lip relief with 100% natural moisturizers and include sunscreen for added UVA/UVB protection. The tinted lip balms are available in five colors- Pearl, Rose, Shell Pink, Natural Honesty, Coral Charm, and two limited edition colors- Serene and Sweet. Each lip balm comes in a ,07 oz tube, small enough to carry in your purse and even your pockets! All of them contain sunscreen and natural tinted color.

I received the Shell Pink Lip Balm and Natural Honesty Lip Balms. At first glance, I thought I would hate the Natural Honesty balm. The color on the package looked like a tan or cool brown shade. I applied it to my lips and very pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t brown at all- in fact it matched my natural lip color perfectly. It actually made my lips look fuller, and I loved how they still looked natural. The Shell Pink is a beautiful light pink shade with a hint of shimmer. Both were easy to apply and lightweight. These are the perfect lip balms for summer time.

LipGlossBlisterGroup41164-med The next product I tried was the Sheer Lip Gloss. These glosses are available in 3 beautiful summer shades – Coral Charm, Natural Honesty and Shell Pink. The Natural Honesty is the same shade as the Lip Balm, only it leaves a glossy finish. The Shell Pink is a beautiful shimmery pink. Normally, when I hear coral, I think orange. Most coral colors have an orange hint to them. This is not orange at all. This gloss looks a lot darker from the tube then it actually is. I love this shade and am still trying to decide which one I like the most. This is a very natural shade, and I can only best describe it as a pinkish-nude color. It looks great on me and I am sure this color would compliment nearly every skin tone. All of these glosses are 100% natural and contain SPF 15. I am so ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to try the Soft Lips Lip Glosses. I normally pay $20.00 for my designer gloss, which does not even contain sunscreen. Soft Lips Pure Gloss retails for just $4.99! Soft Lips Glosses are non-sticky and last for hours. I am very impressed and would definitely recommend these.

softlips-glossThe last two products I received are a must have for anyone in need of relief from dry, cracked lips. The first is 100% Natural Lip Butter. The Lip Butter also contains SPF 15 and unlike the other products I tried, this is not tinted. This is non-greasy and glides on just as you would imaging butter would. This is the perfect lip moisturizer for anyone looking for lip protection without adding color. There is no scent, no color and my lips feel better than they have in years!

The second of the two, is the Soft Lips Lip Polish. Just as you would exfoliate your body to remove dead skin, the Lip Polish contains sugar crystals to remove dry, flaky skin from your lips. The lip polish suggests you rinse with water after massaging, but water is not absolutely necessary. I used a damp washcloth to wipe clean, revealing smooth, soft, healthy-looking lips. The crystals in this polish are microscopic and though much gentler than a body scrub, they work effectively at removing loose, dead skin. This fragrance free polish is non-greasy, and thick so it will not leave a runny mess. The best part, besides the cheap $5.99 price tag is that it tastes great, just like sugar and it helps to heal your lips, leaving them incredibly moisturized.

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Where to Buy: Available at Target Stores Nationwide, and Most Mass Retailers.

Price: $3.99- $5.99

Disclaimer: I received the new Softlips Pure Product Line at no cost for review purposes. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

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