Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogger Servers Down - Update

If you have been posting today, consider yourself one of the "lucky" ones. Blogger has been unavailable for thousands of user in various countries. Blogger has reported this error to be resolved.

However, I am still unable to publish via Windows Live Writer. It has been reported that many others are still experiencing the same issues.

Blogger hasn't announced what caused this major issue. I believe they are testing the new draft as the "draft" tab was visible and now it is gone.

If you are having issues, you may report them here:

You may view status updates here: - although, they are infrequent and delayed updates...

I apologize for the delay in posts. This issue has set me back two days. I will be working overtime to feature new content. Thank you for understanding!


  1. my blog was deleted

  2. I feel sick to read what the person wrote ahead of me. I can't believe how bad this is. Some people lost their blogs while others were locked out. I hope they fix this. :( Sorry Jen you were locked out. I know how hard you work. I am just glad you are still here. :)

  3. I was at work all day and had no idea that Blogger was down until I was reading through some of the posts on some blogs. I am shocked and dismayed by some of the troubles that some bloggers are experiencing. How horrible!

  4. I was unable to post since last night. I was so worried. I feel so sorry for all those whose blogs were deleted or couldn't post. I'm backing up my blog right away.

    I can post through Windows Live Writer. Try signing out and signing back in or "refreshing" the theme.

  5. Just started following your blog. Blogs being delete, how scary!

  6. Blogs being deleted? Seriously? Ack! I was able to post today, but it did seem slow.

  7. No need to apologize...we all understand! Mine wasn't fully deleted...but I love the majority of my comments. That wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have giveaways coming to an end. :(

    Hope your stuff starts working for you soon!


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