Monday, January 18, 2010

Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Seal

Image Clairol Color Seal Hair Dye Conditioner
If you're a woman, chances are you've probably colored your hair at home at least once in your lifetime. The best part about using a home coloring kit is the conditioner included in the kit. It's never much, but it always makes your hair feel incredibly silky, shiny, soft and hard to resist. So when I saw Clairol's Nice 'N Easy Color Seal Weekly Conditioner, I had to have it. I paid around $3.00 for a 1.26oz. It's very small but larger then the conditioners in the home coloring kits.

I have long, thick hair and I usually go through a large bottle in 2 weeks. I wasn't expecting this to last long, but I was expecting it to go a long way. I guess I was hoping for the same results as the conditioners in the home coloring kits, especially since Clairol is a well known brand. I really wanted to love this product. To say the least, I was very disappointed. It doesn't have a nice fragrance. Instead, it smells just like a non-ammonia color. It didn't leave my hair feeling soft or shiny. I actually had more tangles then I normally would & it weighed my hair down so much. I have to say, this is probably the worst $3.00 I have ever spent. I would not recommended this product to my worst enemy.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product for my own personal use and review purposes. No compensation was received. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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