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Original Senseo Coffee Maker Review and Giveaway

With so many coffee makers on the market today, shopping for the best coffee machine can be quite a difficult task to achieve. Each coffee maker is made with their own unique features but they all claim to be top of the line. Luckily, I’ve discovered the fuss-free coffee machine, Senseo- a quick and easy way to enjoy a delicious, hot cup of gourmet coffee in just a matter of seconds. 


Senseo is designed by Phillips, so I knew right away this was a product that would not disappoint.Their patented Senseo system uses the perfect balance of coffee and water. Senseo is powered by 1450 watts and features a special mild pressure spray head to brew the perfect cup of coffee every single time.

When our Senseo Original Machine arrived, I was immediately impressed by its sleek, modern design. Senseo is different from your traditional coffee makers and glass pots because all you need with Senseo is a mess-free coffee pod, a little water and your favorite coffee coffee cup.

Many people would agree with me that the worst part of brewing coffee is the messy cleanup of the loose coffee grounds. Senseo eliminates the need for cleanup by using packaged coffee pods. I like the fact that I have the option to choose between one or two cups of coffee. If I want just one cup, I can use the single pod holder. If I prefer two cups, I just use the deeper pod holder.

senseo-water-resevoir senseo-pods senseo-single-pod-holder

Preparation is convenient and simple, even if you are still half asleep. Upon waking in the morning, I press the on button. Then, I fill the water reservoir, add one or two pods and close the lid. Once the red indicator light has stopped blinking, I know it is now time to brew my coffee. After I place my favorite coffee mug on the base, I press the one cup button and in about 30 seconds, my home brewed gourmet coffee is ready to be enjoyed. Another great feature is the timed automatic shut off. I cannot tell you the number of times I have left the house and forgotten to turn off my coffee maker. Senseo will shut off after one hour, which is perfect for any coffee connoisseur.

my-senseoAs a busy, sleep-deprived mom, I certainly appreciate the fuss-free, virtually non-existent cleanup. Once I’ve finished brewing my coffee, I just open the lid and discard the used coffee pod. Finally, no grinds spilling all over the place, no washing and bleaching the old stained coffee pot- just dishwasher safe, removable parts, I love it!

The one disadvantage I encountered with the Senseo Coffee Machine is that it does not accommodate taller coffee cups or travel mugs. Although you can brew two eight-ounce cups at once, if you prefer a taller cup, you would have to transfer the coffee from the two eight-ounce cups to your taller cup. I did, however, find that a taller cup could be used by removing the metal plate from the base. But even then, you would need to hold the cup to prevent it from tipping over and spilling.

senseo-coffee-podsSenseo has a variety of coffee pods including flavored and unflavored coffee. I had the  pleasure of experiencing three flavors – Breakfast Blend, Dark Roast Blend and Kona Blend. All three flavors were smooth and full of flavor and each filled the air with a delightful aroma. While they were all satisfying to the last drop, my favorite was the Dark Roast Blend as it offered a stronger, richer, bold flavor.

There was one unexpected, but appreciated, feature I found in the Senseo. Unlike standard coffee machines, and similar to an espresso machine, Senseo produces a thin layer of froth called crema that tops each cup of coffee. I love the crema and found it to be an added morning bonus to my new favorite Senseo coffee.

In addition to making a great-tasting cup of coffee, Senseo takes up far lass space than most coffee machines. It’s great for the home, office, dorm and I’m even considering moving ours to my bedroom! Senseo is ideal for anyone wants a quick gourmet cup of coffee without the mess or waiting that comes along with other coffee machines.


BUY IT: The suggested retail value of the Senseo Original Coffee Machine is $70.00. Shop the Senseo Store online or find a local retailer.

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Disclaimer: The Senseo Original Coffee Machine was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for my review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.


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