Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Incorrect Blogger Comment Count

hair-pullingBlogger Comment count or Google comment count is incorrect. Big shocker there! If you  have a blog via Blogger, you may have encountered this very same issue. In fact, it happened just a few months ago.

If you’re comment moderation is activated, you will most likely see a discrepancy in the number of comments to moderate versus the number of actual comments.

Others are experiencing no comments on their blogs, however when email notification is turned on, the comments are still being emailed.

Many are also seeing an incorrect comment count on their blogs. For instance, a blog post may show 8 comments. But when you click on the post title or direct url, you will most likely see a significantly higher number such as 47, ect.

Others have reported error codes when trying to leave comments on other blogs.

Google/ Blogger is aware of the situation and have given the following statement:"

We're currently working through multiple issues which are affecting the reliability of our comment system. We'll update this post as soon as we have more information to share.

Google has created a spreadsheet where you can report your problem. The related thread in the help forum has been closed.

You may report your problem here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEpRZEk5YzRmVUQ5d3B4ZFVSYVQ1UFE6MQ 

Status updates regarding the incorrect comment count will be posted here: http://knownissues.blogspot.com/


All comments will be restored. It is just a matter of time. Google will not give an ETA and they never will. Wordpress is looking better and better everyday!


  1. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. About a month ago Blogger was down all day here in the Midwest when they were converting over the newdesign template. Several peoples blogs disappeared. I took my blog over to Worpress and couldn't be happier. I hope everything gets resolved soon!!


  2. Happening on my blog too...grrrrrrr

  3. I am having the same issue!! It shows 0 comments until I click, FRUSTRATING!! Hope they get it fixed soon

  4. HuffandBuff - Oh yes, I remember that. My blog was down for two days. It seems there is always something going wrong when they make updates. The last time, when blogs were down, they were implementing the new "design" feature. Page rank is estimated to change by tomorrow, so this may be to blame. I don't think anyone will ever really know.

  5. Now following you from Tag Along Tuesday. I look forward to seeing more of your blog. Heavenly Savings and I host Admirer Monday and hope to see you there.


  6. I'm having the same problem, it started yesterday on both of my blogs. Blogger has done this before and after they finally work through it the comments reappear. Come on blogger, get your act together.

  7. I'm thinking about reinstalling my Disqus commenting system - the only problem there is that there isn't a way to have the comments numbered, which makes it infinitely easier when running giveaways. BUT the plus is that you get the IP addresses, which helps eliminate people who enter themselves, their mommas, their dogs, and the neighbor's cat. AND you can set it up so that you still have your Blogger comments as backups (which means that you have Disqus comments coming in AND your Blogger comments come in as well, but you can filter them into their own folders) .. Sorry for the rant - really, the only thing keeping me from it is the thought of having to count up or down to see which comment number random.org picked.

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  8. sorry to hear about that.

    one major reason why i love wordpress waaaay better than blogger. i only keep my one blogger blog to keep up with the developments from blogger so i can continue doing layout orders from said platform, but other than that, i'm for wordpress all the way. :)

  9. Oh yeah.....happened on my blogs too! GRRR! The comments were completely missing, even though I was getting them through my email. Now they are back (thank goodness), but the number of comments is still off. Hopefully, that will be fixed too, but not so concerned about that.

  10. it thought it was just me all along ... indeed very frustrating ...

  11. I lost comments a while back and have used google docs for almost all giveaways ever since.

  12. I have had a slew of problems... extremely frustrating when doing promotions, reviews, and giveaways. Makes me want to scream and pull out my hair. I mean seriously, dont they know how stressful my job is! HA!
    Stopping by to say hello. Hope you had an amazing Independence Day.
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    Stay Fabulous


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