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Cosmedix Review and Giveaway

Did you know that skin is the largest organ in the human body? Your skin protects your body, therefore it is equally important to protect your skin. It is essential to take proper care of your skin to maintain a healthy, toned, radiant, and youthful appearance. With so many different skincare brands and products, it can be difficult to determine just which one is the best without throwing your money down the drain.

CosMedix is a leading clinic aesthetics company that provides skin care professionals and consumers with the most effective corrective products to enhance the skin's glowing youthful appearance.

CosMedix offers only the best plant-based, earth-friendly products. Their natural skincare products are free of artificial colors and preservatives. They use the highest concentrations of active ingredients currently available to achieve maximum results without irritation or discomfort.

Unlike many other skincare products on the market today, their products work with your skin to target the most troublesome skin conditions—from acne and rosacea to sun damage and hyperpigmentation - without the irritation or downtime of conventional treatments.

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Spin trap Chemical Dyes
Sirtuins Benzoyl Peroxide
Thioredoxin Mineral Oil
Epidermal Growth Factors Petroleum

Growing up, I never truly understood the importance of a daily skincare regimen. I was under the impression that women, including myself, did not need anything other than sunscreen until they began to show signs of aging. Boy, was I wrong! I am in my mid twenties, though most would say I look older. Looking older is definitely not something any woman would wish for herself. I have tried countless anti-aging products and was ready to give up, until I discovered CosMedix.

I received several CosMedix products to review. My favorite the first product I tried was the Opti Crystal Chirally Correct Eye Serum. Opti Crystal is the ultimate tool in anti-aging eye care. This chirally correct blend of protective, corrective and cell-stimulating ingredients, contains microscopic liquid crystals to replenish damaged, thinning skin around the eyes to dramatically diminish the appearance of eye lines and wrinkles.

opticrystalOpti Crystal is sold in a chic .25oz pump bottle. The application is very quick and easy. You simply pat a tiny amount of this iridescent serum around your eyes and mouth. I have been using Opti Crystal for several weeks now and I am absolutely blown away by the amazing results!

In addition to using around my eyes and mouth, I applied to my forehead where the majority of my wrinkles are found. I’m not sure where my wrinkles have disappeared to, but as long as they are no longer on my face, I am happy! Opti Crystal is fragrance free, and glides on smoothly without leaving your sticky or oily. This powerful eye serum actively revitalizes delicate skin for a radiant, younger-looking finish. This is without a doubt the best Age-defying product I have ever used! Take a look for yourself… This is after just 2 weeks!


The second product I received was the CosMedix Purity Balance Exfoliating Prep. Purity Balance’s natural cleansing and clarifying ingredients remove impurities from the skin and encourage healthy sebaceous activity. Combining cleansing tea tree oil with two high powered exfoliants—lactic acid and salicylic acid—this nourishing and stimulating tonic soothes, cools and revitalizes oily, breakout-prone and sun-damaged skin.

Applying Purity Balance is just as easy as the Opti Crystal. To use- Dispense a small amount into clean hands and pat onto face, avoiding the eye area. The Purity Balance does have a light alcohol scent if you inhale directly from the bottle but once applied to your skin, the fragrance is unnoticeable.

Purity Balance is available in a 3.3oz bottle. The spray pump sprays evenly, allowing for an easy application. My skin was left with a cool and refreshed feeling. CosMedix suggests using this following the use of Benefit Clean or Purity Clean. I didn’t have either, so I used my regular facial bar soap. I was very impressed at how well Purity Balance removed pore-clogging excess oils from my face. I used a cotton ball to help demonstrate how well this really works:


I couldn’t believe how much dirt and oil I was able to remove with Purity Balance even after washing my face! This product would be great for men and women who battle with excess oil and/or large pores. This product may increase sensitive to sunlight, so it is advised to wear sunscreen along with Purity Balance.

CosMedix carries a product for everyone no matter their skin type: Cleanse & Balance, Stimulate & Repair, Protect & Hydrate, Body Treatments, Skin Nutrition, Kits, and Skin Solutions. When taking care of your skin, remember, it is also important to practice proper nutrition! CosMedix has completely transformed my skin and I am thrilled to finally look my age! It is no wonder CosMedix is the leading choice of dermatologists, physicians and aestheticians across the world!

Disclaimer: I received the above complimentary Cosmedix products for review purposes. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

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