Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Splurge Salon Review

Splurge Salon is North Texas chic with a French connection. At Splurge Salon, you will find only the best premier designers and world class color experts ready to help heighten your confidence and enhance your style.

Pre- Appointment Review

Last week, I called Splurge Salon to schedule an appointment to have my hair cut and styled. After dialing the salon phone number, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a pleasant voice answer the phone after just one or two rings. I spoke to Jenna who was very helpful and polite. I requested a weekend appointment and to my surprise, she was able to fit me in with Lindsay on such a short notice.
My appointment was scheduled for Saturday at 12:00. Prior to leaving
for my appointment, I keyed in the Salon address into my GPS. My GPS wasn't able to locate Splurge Salon, so I printed the directions. I had never been to Highland Village before, but the directions were fairly clear and simple. Once I was in the area, I drove around for nearly 2 hours. I couldn't see the salon anywhere. My cell phone had died so I had no choice but to go home and call the salon from there. I called Splurge and spoke to a friendly, outgoing Amanda. She advised me that a few of the streets weren't real streets. Splurge Salon is located in an outdoor mall area and the streets on my directions can't be seen fr
om the main road. Amanda was very patient and took the time to explain in detail exactly how to get to the salon. She was happy to schedule me for a 4pm appointment with Lindsay and told me if I had any problems finding the salon to call and ask for her and she would help guide me. It's rare to find customer service like this anymore, and already I am extremely impressed.

My Review

I arrived early for my appointment. Lindsay was finishing up with a client, so I made myself comfortable while I waited. The girl at the front desk was very kind. She offered me a drink asked if I would like to use their internet bar. This is a great feature to have for women who bring their significant other or children along. I found it particularly useful myself, as I used that opportunity to tweet about the amazing design of the salon. Splurge Salon is very modern and unique. I especially loved the exposed black duct work/pipes. The ambiance is remarkable! Once you walk into Splurge, you automatically feel cheerful, welcomed, relaxed and full of style.

Lindsay was right on time! She walked over and introduced herself and took me back to her station. I was asked to hang my purse on the wall hook and we walked to the wash station. On the way, I noticed the built-in water fall. How neat is that?! Lindsay proceeded to wash my hair. I had never experienced anything like it. She didn't just wash my hair. She massaged my scalp and temples, almost putting me to sleep. While she was washing my hair, an employee emerged. It was Amanda! She stopped to ask if I had found the salon okay. I thought it was very nice of her to stop and say hi.
Once I was seated in the styling chair, I presented Lindsay with a photo of what I wanted my hair to look like. She thought it was a great style for me. I had mentioned I have naturally curly/wavy hair. She told me the layers with this cut would help me to achieve a more consistent curl. The relaxation didn't end at the sink. Lindsay was very gentle and the blow dryer nearly put me to sleep. The conversation was nice as we talked mostly about our children. She explained what she was doing and made sure to ask how short I wanted to go. This is especially important considering I am partial to my long hair. In the past, I have been completely butchered when 2 inches suddenly becomes 5.

Here is the photo I presented
The End Result
...And a few more photos of my new hairstyle

As always, I planned on leaving a tip before leaving. There is a sign at the front counter stating Splurge Salon does not accept gratuity. Instead, they ask for referrals! They also have a Client Loyalty program in which you receive discounts on your services! To view the services offered at Splurge, click here. Don' forget about this awesome 20% OFF coupon!

Whether you are looking for a quick trim or a complete transformation, Splurge Salon is the place to go. Splurge Salon is by far the best Dallas Salon I have every been to. Don't forget to tell them Jennifer from Review Retreat sent you.

Disclaimer: I received a free haircut and style thanks to Business 2 Blogger and Splurge Salon. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

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