Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spicy Turkey Sandwich - Tuesday's Tasty Treat

Image Spicy Turkey Avacodo Sandwhich
You may be wondering why I don't have a picture of the actual sandwich. Well, I made the last one last night and forgot to take a picture. I will post one soon!

Last week while looking for something to eat, I found a bunch of "Mexican Night" leftovers, but I didn't want Mexican food so I decided to make a sandwich with the ingredients. There are so many substitutes and alternatives you can try.
Here is what I used for my Spicy Turkey Sandwich:

1 fresh roll from the deli
Spicy wholly guacamole
Turkey Slices
Prepackaged Pico De Gallo
Tomato Slices
Salt and Pepper

1.) Spread the guacamole over the bread like you would if it were mustard or mayo.
2.) Add a slice of turkey to each side of the bread, then add salt and pepper.
3.) Add your Pico De Gallo
4.)Add another slice of turkey and tomato slices.
5.) Add your lettuce
6.) Finish off with another slice of turkey.
7.) Enjoy!

I use salt and pepper between each layer, but you can season to taste. There are so many alternatives you can enjoy with this sandwich. The one ingredient you shouldn't leave out is the guacamole. I add extra fresh jalapeno slices to mine. This is so delicious, I need to go to the grocery store to pick up the stuff to make it again! This is the quick version. If you prefer, you can make the guacamole and pico yourself.I will post my picture when I make this again. If you like spicy foods, you will love this!


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