Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just One Of Those Days

Have you ever had a day where nothing went right? Everything terrible that could happen, did?

Well I am having one of those days!

My son and I have impetigo. My son's doctors office is giving us the runaround and is obviously more concerned with stuffing their pockets then the well being of my child. He's developed the worst possible attitude a few months shy of his 2nd birthday. Tantrums all day and I have the worst Migraine ever. He usually takes a 2 hour nap; today he wouldn't sleep at all.

I dropped the butter and the container cracked, splattering butter all over the floor. Our puppy chewed up my favorite pair of shoes. My husband is out of town for work and I am counting down the hours 'til bedtime. My cell phone isn't working. I have been having trouble with Blogger and Enom all day.

This is just the beginning. Have you ever just had one of those days? I feel like crying and just want this day to end!

I forgot the whole point to this was to apologize in my delay in posts. After my son goes to bed (if he will sleep), I have several reviews and giveaways to write, so bare with me, they will be here soon!


  1. I hope it gets better - my husband travels for work a lot, and it was very hard when my son was that little... Hang in there!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Tag Your It!
    Tomorrow will be a better day!
    My thoughts are with you

  3. I'm so sorry you're having a poopy day. Tomorrow will be better. From the sound of things, it has to be!

  4. Thanks everyone. Marybeth, I really don't know how single mothers do it. It's only been a week and I am having such a difficult time being the only parent.

  5. Wow! I my son had impetigo once before. That is nasty stuff. I hope your doc gets it right! I also hope your days ahead go much better. I really appreciate you and your great blog, so I dropped by to give you a blog award! Here's to feeling better! http://helena-agalneedsatleast2blogs.blogspot.com/2010/03/blog-mention.html

  6. Here is a known fact in my family. Everything seems to go from bad to worse on Tuesdays! It affects our entire family. We just look at each other and say it must be Tuesday. Sounds like you got the Tuesday troubles too.

  7. That's exactly how my day has gone. There are a few more I could add to the list. I have been pretty lucky though, so I guess a Tuesday Trouble every now and then is to be expected.

  8. hey, wanted to tell you im following your blog. maybe you would follow back?



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