Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Love To Share, but Stay Away; You Don't Want This!

I have been trying to teach the importance of sharing with my 21 month old son. Since, he is an only child, he is spoiled. That's why I feel it is especially important for me to teach him to share with others without being greedy.

Well, I think he's taken it a bit too far! Can you guess what Ayden has shared with mommy?
Image Itchy and Scratchy Cat and Mouse
Chicken Pox!!!

At least, I am pretty certain this is what we both have. I noticed a bump on his neck, but didn't think much of it. He's a little boy and he's always into or up to something mischievous. But yesterday I had a bump on my chin. I knew it wasn't a pimple but I have a bad habit of picking, so I picked it. The bump seemed to be gone after oozing a bit. I woke up this morning and my chin was itchy. I itched it and noticed a scab. So, I grabbed my tweezers and pulled it off. Wouldn't you know the bump is back and so is the scab. It itches so bad and is very painful from picking. There are two more bumps on each side.

This morning, Ayden had a strawberry pop-tart. He had strawberry filling all over his face. I did my best to wipe it off using a baby wipe. There was one spot he wouldn't let me get. I scrubbed and scrubbed but it wouldn't come off. Wouldn't you know, it was not strawberry filling, it's the same bump I have on my chin? Way to go mom. I'm not sure if it is Chickenpox or not. I thought we would have more, but it's ironic that we both have the same bumps on our faces. So, if you are looking to miss a few days of work, stop on by. Otherwise, stay far far away!


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