Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let's Talk about Sex- Or Lack Therof.

Image Sex Drive CausesOnce upon a time, I was a young woman who loved sex. Anytime and all of the time. I'm still young, 25, but that girl I once knew is long gone. Check out the most common Libido Killers:

Sex without intimacy-Hey, it's not always about sex. Try spending along time, cuddling, giving massages, having a romantic night without the kids. Learn to express your affection without actually having sex. As the intimacy builds, so will your relationship.
Depression- Many of us already know antidepressants can have a negative effect on sex drive. But did you know depression can also lower your libido?
Testosterone doesn't just effect men. Testosterone is linked to women's sex drives as well. Unfortunately, it has not been determined whether or not testosterone therapy is a safe and effective way to boost a woman's sex drive.
Low thyroid function, Anemia, & PCOS
can also effect your sex drive.
Erectile dysfunction (ED)
- ED means the loss of sex drive. But often, men with ED worry about how well they will perform that it often drains their sex drive.
Being overweight has been linked to lack of sexual satisfaction. It's believed that this is due to a low self-esteem and possible other psychological issues.
Self Esteem-
Its difficult to feel sexy when you don't feel sexy because of a poor body image. Your insecurities play a big role when it comes to your sex drive.
Okay, so having kids does not lower your libido. But having kids does make it difficult to find time to be intimate.
Not Enough Sleep-
Are you getting up too early? How about staying up too late? Maybe you fall asleep fine but have a poor quality of sleep. All of these lead to fatigue and fatigue will drain your sex drive.
Alcohol doesn't increase your sex drive, it only helps you feel less inebriated. Alcohol can actually numb your sex drive. The same goes for recreational drugs.
Job stress, money troubles, caring for a sick family member, relationship stress can all have a negative impact on your libido.
Some of the most common drugs linked to a decreased sex drive are: antidepressants, blood pressure medication, antihistamines, Birth Control, Synthetic progesterone-medroxyprogesterone, Anti- HIV drugs and Chemotherapy.

It is always a good idea to share your libido concerns with your physician. There are several blood tests that can be done to diagnose/rule out certain deficiencies and medical conditions. Try to have time alone once a week to de-stress. Turn off your phone, computer, tv and just relax. Plan a date night once a month to re-connect with your partner and build your intimacy. Working out can also help improve your sex drive, not to mention you will look and feel better too. You can also take a natural approach and apply vitamin E to your vagina. This will help rehydrate tissue and increase sensation. Just stick a capsule with a pin and apply several times a week, even if you aren't having sex. And don't forget about your Kegels ( contract your pelvic muscles). While they won't directly increase your sex drive, they will help improve the overall satisfaction.


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