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Covergirl Shadow Blast & Shine Blast Review

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Several months ago I signed up as a Bzz Agent. If you are not familiar with BzzAgent, it is a free online word of mouth marketing network. Basically, you sign up (for free) and receive free products in exchange for your honest review. You may remember my Covergirl teaser posted several weeks ago. I mentioned I had been invited to the Covergirl Blast party. Well, I am excited to announce, I have received it and am ready to share my review with you!Shadowblast image

Unfortunately, we received an unexpected amount of snow and no one was able to attend my party. I received 8 Smokey Shadow Blast Eye Shadows and 8 Shine Blast Lip Glosses to share with my guests. Since, no one was able to attend, I mailed each girlfriend a shadow and gloss in exchange for her review. I will share their reviews with you later in the post.

Smokey Shadow Blast Description

This is a double-ended cream shadow. One end is rounded to apply the base coat while the other end is tapered, allowing you to define the crease and lash line with extreme precision.

My Review

I absolutely loved the variety of bold and vibrant colors! I wanted to keep them all for myself and create my own color combinations. Since I knew I couldn't do that, I chose Silver Sky for myself.

image my eyes with shadowblast A silver/blue base color with a deep purple contour color.

My first impression was that the base coat applied very easily. It glided on ever so smoothly and didn't feel "cakey" like many other cream shadows. You can apply once or continuously apply for a deeper shade. I proceeded to apply the contoured purple shade to my crease. This also applies very easily. Once I applied the second shade, I was satisfied with my look. But if necessary, you can use your finger to blend.

(Photo 1, with flash, 2,3 without flash)
shineblast image
The only problem I experienced with the Smokey Shadow Blast was the fact that it easily creases or "cakes up in crease". This is actually a big problem! No one wants to wear shadow that only last for an hour or two. However, I did re-apply, this time with using a pressed powder as a base and I didn't have any problems. A primer should also help from creasing. ***This is not a problem with the shadow, but more of a warning for moms and big sisters. These colors are very bright and colorful. The lids pop-off easily so keep them locked up otherwise your son/brother will be coloring on your new bed sheets too!
Image Covergirl Shineblast Lipgloss
Shine Blast Lip Gloss

Covergirl's Shine Blast Lip Gloss is a must for any woman. It gives you just the right amount of shine. I don't know the name of my Shine Blast because the names are not on the product, only the wrapper (which I removed immediately). The color I did chose is the last gloss in this photo. I never wear lipstick, only gloss. These have just a hint of color. Like the Shadow Blast, these also apply very easily. They aren't sticky at all. I hate sticky glosses that cause my long hair to stick to. These are perfect for anyone looking for a hint of shine. If you want wet, super glossy lips, this product is probably not for you. They have a light watermelon scent which I absolutely love!

Friends Reviews

Amber " Ooh, how much is this stuff? I love it!! "

" I like the colors, but it creases too easily."

" I can't figure out how to blend without looking like a clown, so I just wear one coat at a time."

" I love the color combo. I'm wearing just the base coat to work and adding the second color when I go out tonight."

" I have never been able to achieve the smokey eye look. But I had no problems with the Shadowblast you sent. I've already purchased 3 more!"

I really wish I could offer a giveaway to all of my wonderful readers! Unfortunately, I wasn't presented with this opportunity. However, if you would like to be the first to try products like Shadow Blast, you should consider signing up at BzzAgent.

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

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  1. I was given some of the eye shadow from a friend who bought it and hated it. I like it although I have the brown and beige one which it kind of tame for me so I'm planning on trying the other colors


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