Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ultimate Christmas: PlasmaCar Review & Giveaway At Little Yayas

Check out one of the hottest holiday toys this holiday season.
 Kids can enjoy hours of fun filled riding without the batteries, pedals, loud noise, electric parts
with PlasmaCars. 
PlasmaCars offer a quick assembly, smooth ride, easy turning handle, durability, and fun for all ages. PlasmaCar comes with 6 specially designed wheels that make quick smooth turns. The handle bar provides kids a great grip, makes for easy turning, and allows for sharp maneuvering. By moving the handles in a back and forth motion, will allow you to move the PlasmaCar forward or direction you choose.
PlasmaCar is great for riding on smooth or rough surfaces. Enjoy the fast and exhilarating ride when riding on a slope. Although PlasmaCar does not have brakes, being close to the ground, allows for easy foot braking pressure.

My son (2.5) will not get off his PlasmaCar. This has been one of his favorite ride on toys. The PlasmaCar has to be one of my favorite toys for my son. It keeps him happy and busy for long periods of time. It is easy to use and was easy for him to figure out how to ride it on his own. I like that it is close to the ground, which makes for a safer and more comfortable ride. I also enjoy that encourages my son to get up and move around. He loves to play on it and the best part is there is no mess to pick up. My son likes to continually move, so this couldn't be more perfect for him. 
PlasmaCar is awesome and definitely a great gift idea. I have been recommending it to all my friends and family. I was excited to find that a friend just bought two for her kids for Christmas after seeing how much fun my son was having.  
PlasmaCar is addicting and contagious. Be sure to hurry and get your PlasmaCar early this year, as they are known to sell out before the holidays and I can see why. 

 Visit PlamaCar for more information and to see what you can purchase one close to you at

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