Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#CGG: Eco-Friendly VerTerra Dinnerware


VerTerra Dinnerware

“Founded on the belief that it’s possible to combine high design with the highest standards of environmental responsibility,  VerTerra now redefines what stylish, sustainable and compostable disposable dinnerware can be. Thoughtfully and beautifully designed, VerTerra offers a chic touch of nature to each table.  Durable and versatile, VerTerra is lightweight yet sturdy and stands up to hot foods, hot/cold liquids, the hot sun and can even used to bake in the oven, store in the fridge and reheat in the microwave. Since VerTerra is all-natural - made from only fallen leaves, steam, heat and pressure, there are no concerns about plastics, glues, lacquers, veneers or any toxins to leach into foods.”

When a friend of mine first asked me if I wanted to try out single-use dinnerware, my first thoughts were “she must be nuts! Paper-plates are paper-plates – nothing special about that.” But then, I headed over to VerTerra’s website and was instantly intrigued. I was expecting to see some type of ordinary one-time use plates but instead I found the most interesting and unique dinnerware- made from fallen leaves!


The VerTerra plates and bowls I received are chic, stylish and absolutely beautiful! But there’s much more than beauty behind this dinnerware. VerTerra plates, bowls and trays are all made from fallen palm leaves and water. How amazing is that?!

These environmentally-friendly plates, bowls and serving dishes are non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable, durable, lightweight, convenient and incredibly stylish. Did I mention how chic they look and how fun they are to use?


Verterra Dinnerware is light, yet durable. All of their dinnerware is fully biodegradeable and compostable. Because they do not use any bonding agents, lacquers or chemicals and their product is natural and porous, they cannot legally recommend washing and reusing VerTerra. BUT, I have reused my plates by wiping with a damp rag and I can tell you they work just as great the second time around.

I love how versatile their dinnerware is!  It’s perfectly safe to heat VerTerra in the microwave for up to 2 minutes or in an oven up to 350 degrees for 45 minutes. VerTerra products can also be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Enjoy oversized burgers, chili, soup, and more from your VerTerra dishware. It’s tough, durable, non-toxic, lightweight, microwave safe, refrigerator safe, convenient, and biodegradable. What more could one ask for? I am still amazed with the modern appeal VerTerra has.

VerTerra Dinnerware is great for any occasion and would be perfect for the upcoming holidayverterra-ecofriendly-dinnerware season. Your guests will be impressed by your new modern dinnerware and you will enjoy saving money and eliminating the need to spend hours washing dishes after your guests have eaten!

VerTerra can be purchased online as well as in most Whole Food stores. You may use the convenient store locator by clicking here.

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  1. Huge fan of the Verterra. We used it for a party 2 weeks ago. If you need it in larger quantities we found the small packs and bulk here: http://www.joannehudson.com/disposable-plates-green-dinnerware.html


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