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Review: Joovy Kooper Stroller

Kooper_yellow_lrgThe Joovy Kooper Stroller is a lightweight stroller inspired by the euro style buggy with a modern twist. You’ll be strolling in style with a sleek slotted aluminum frame and durable high luster fabric. The Kooper Umbrella Stroller comes in appletree green, red, black, brownie, or lemontree (shown to the left). Features include reclining seat, oversized canopy with sunshade, storage basket, plus roomy cup holders, storage pockets, and ergonomic foam handles with easy one hand push capabilities.

I was over thrilled when our Joovy Kooper came, however, I was reluctant to put it together. I have owned numerous strollers and nearly all of them were difficult to assemble. Since my husband has been working long hours, I was left to assemble this myself. Below I have highlighted the key features I look for in a stroller (tested with a tall, 40lb 2 year old).

The easiest stroller I have ever assembled! Prior to removing the Kooper Stroller from its box, I prepared myself by grabbing a few screwdrivers. Fortunately, I didn’t need them!  Simply attach the front and back wheels by inserting each wheel until you hear a "click” sound. Next, attach the sun canopy via side flaps to hook and loop attachment. I was able to assemble this is just under 7 minutes!  

Five-point harness secures child firmly. Unlike a three-point harness, it secures the upper body as well. I never understood why some strollers are made without an upper body harness. My old stroller was a three-point harness and I cannot tell you the number of times my son almost fell out. I feel much safer with our Kooper Stroller.

The Seat
joovy-kooper-seatThe seat features two comfortable seating positions and is designed for children 6  months to 50 pounds. The structured seat back includes multi-position, one-hand recline (149 degrees) options which allows any position from a fully upright position to reclining.

The straps are incredibly easy to adjust. To adjust the height of the straps, twist the buckle on the end of each strap sideways and push it out toward the seat through the slot. Once you have decided which of the 3 heights is best, simply push the buckle through the slot to the back of the seat.

The multiple reclining options is a wonderful feature. I love how far this reclines! My previously owned strollers claim to recline, but there is not much difference in the fully upright position and fully reclined position. The only problem I encountered is while in the fully reclined position, it is nearly impossible to access any items being stored in the storage basket.

The Ride
The Kooper is the smoothest stroller I have ever used! I was able to easily push using just one hand. I found that very ironic considering my previous stroller included a bar for one-handed push but required two hands to accurately steer. The handles are not adjustable which may be something to consider. I found them very comfortable in flats but being 5’9 without shoes made it a bit of a reach when I added 4” heels.

Initially, I had mixed feeling regarding the plastic wheels. I have never liked them but once we started moving, I couldn’t even tell the difference. It’s easy to maneuver, the wheels turn easily and we couldn’t have asked for a smoother ride.

The total weight is 17.9 pounds. It’s very lightweight, making it easy to pick up and carry or load.

joovykooper-feautresThere is a great amount of storage for both baby and parents. I love the two mesh  pockets located on each side of the seat. My son likes using them for small toys and snacks. They are generously sized to accommodate sippy cups or sport cups, bottles, as well as small snack containers.

The storage basket located beneath the seat is a decent size. It holds up to 5lbs. Personally, I wish it was bigger. I like to store my diaper bag, purse, and shopping bags under the stroller. I’m only able to store one small bag. However, bags can easily be hung over the handles which I thought made up for the size of the storage basket.

The back of the canopy includes two cup holders as well as a zippered pocket beneath the canopy. The cup holders can accommodate baby bottles, water bottles, sippy cups or other slim beverages.

Sun Protection
Kooper Stroller-visor This has the largest canopy I have ever seen! The canopy is detachable and includes a  sunshade or visor.

The canopy and visor can be adjusted into several positions ranging from fully closed to fully extended or any position in between.

There is a roll back window also known as a peek-a-boo-window to keep a close eye on your child.

The fabric can be easily spot cleaned using mild soap or detergent and warm water The frame and wheels can be cleaned using a sponge or cloth dampened with warm water and a mild detergent cleaner.

The Verdict
The price of this stroller is very reasonable considering the quality and features included. I paid around the same for our travel system which was just thrown away due to a wheel falling off! I’m a little bummed I didn’t begin with Joovy as their stroller has everything a mom could ever ask for. Overall, I am highly impressed by our Kooper Stroller! I love the fact that it is so compact and lightweight, yet sturdy and durable. I absolutely love the design and bright yellow color. I receive compliments nearly every time we are out and about. My husband and I plan to have more children in the near future and Joovy is the only brand stroller we will ever use! If you are looking for the best quality strollers that will last you for years to come, I highly recommend Joovy.

The Joovy Kooper Stroller can be purchased at the online Joovy store for a sale price of $179.99 or at Amazon for around $152.

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  1. I really love that is has a Five-point harness secures child firmly. Great review!

  2. When I see these cool strollers I just want my kids to be younger so I can use one. LOL... Great review.

  3. What a fabulous stroller! I wish my kids were small again......back when I had wee ones, there weren't such fantastic products on the market!

    Great review and I love the fact that it can be cleaned so easily

  4. I've been thinking about getting a Joovy and your review has helped with my decision. I'm a little iffy bout the plastic wheels and will probably have to look at them more closely, but it is nice to know that the stroller runs smoothly! i enjoyed the review!


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