Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Perfect Salsa Bowl Under $15

When you ask someone what their favorite food is, you don’t expect them to say salsa. Many people would consider salsa a condiment, but when you live in the south and eat as much salsa as I do, you come to realize the fact that maybe salsa is a food. With that said, I have just found the most perfect salsa dish ever made!

Salsabol  salsa-bowl

The Salsabol is an elegantly crafted ceramic bowl that puts an end to spilled salsa messes forever! It features a unique, patent-pending lip that pushes your salsa or dip back onto your chip for the perfect scoop,every time!

This salsa bowl or Salsabol is made with incredible functionality and unique modern design to create a playful party piece that adds style and flavor to any table. It’s half revolutionary, half brilliant, and half ridiculous--but it will make your parties awesome and your chips (and guests) happy.

The Salsabol is on sale for just $13.00. Click here to buy.


  1. I might need to look into that Salsa Bowl for a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves salsa too and with Rose Bowl on New Years and the Super Bowl shortly after, that Salsa Bowl would make a neat and unique gift!

  2. If you get it, let me know how he likes it! I think it's such a unique and clever idea- I love it!

  3. I like the lip on the bowl, it would help keep some messes down to a minimum in the salsa department.


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