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ShaToBu Shapewear Review and Giveaway

Shapewear is coveted by women of all shapes and sizes for its incredible waist slimming and figure enhancing abilities. Women’s shapers can help you slim down, shape and enhance curves and reduce the dreaded “muffin top”, back fat as well as other problem areas. Smooth your curves with a body shaper that not only targets trouble spots, but also helps you to burn calories!


Becoming a mother has pushed me to try various body shaper garments in attempts to hide the “baby fat.” The majority of shapers I have tried each have something unique about them, but they all have the serve the same general purpose which is to slim and smooth. That is, until I discovered the new revolutionary shapewear known as ShaToBu.

ShāToBu is the workout you wear. Body slimmers are made to help shape and slim your body but unlike other shapewear garments, ShāToBu will shape, tone and burn calories just by performing everyday activities. Scientifically developed by a board-certified female chiropractor, the benefits of ShāToBu extend far beyond ordinary shapewear. See what makes ShāToBu different from your standard shapewear:


1. Waistband - Designed to stay in place comfortably without rolling down.

2. Leg Bands - Non-binding leg bands stay in place and prevent marking for a smooth, flawless look.

3. Resistance Bands - provide resistance and muscle toning which leads to an increase in the amount of calories you burn.

4. High Waist - Slims and smoothes waistline for an enhanced hourglass figure. Flattens your tummy and tones muscles.

5. Gusset - Made with Coolmax, a moisture wicking cotton that will leave you cool and dry.

As a mom, I rely on shapewear to help me look and feel my best. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. How could something as simple as shapewear, help me to burn calories and lose weight? I put my High Waist To Knee Shaper to the test and was blow away by the difference in ShāToBu.

When I first removed my body shaper garment from the package, I thought there was no way it would fit. I stepped into my high-waist shaper and was shocked by the instant results. “Hey, where did my love handles go?!” Suddenly, I could see my waist again. It looked as if I had shed 10 pounds!

ShāToBu is snug, but not at all uncomfortable. It actually feels great! I can feel everything compressed, which is much better than feeling like my belly is hanging over my pants. This shaper kept me feeling cool, even in the scorching 105° F weather. Walking outside in Dallas, feels like you are walking into an open oven. August is one of our hottest months. It’s nearly impossible to walk from the parking lot to the store without breaking a sweat, and I sweat more than most. I was very surprised to discover ShāToBu kept me cool and dry. I would typically wear as few layers as possible, but ShāToBu seems to prevent sweating. In fact, I wear my shaper just to prevent sweating.


The long long shaper rests directly above the knee. I’m not going to say this looks attractive when worn alone, but when worn under clothing, you will look and feel better than ever. Say goodbye to your muffin top, love handles, back fat and jiggly skin. This shaper smoothes everything out and magically makes your problem areas disappear. Everything from your bust line to your knees appears thinner, smoother and flawless.

Over the course of several weeks, I have noticed an improvement in posture, tightening of my muscles, and I have even managed to loose 9 pounds- something I haven't been able to do in the past two years. The waistband stays in place- a great feature considering the worst problem I have with shapers is the waistband rolling down or pushing the fat out. ShaToBu is versatile – wear it with pants, jeans, skirts, and even dresses!

ShaToBu has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. It is the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing to remove at night! I have recommended it to all of my girlfriends and ShaToBu is definitely something everywoman should own.


WHERE TO BUY: ShāToBu can be purchased at major retailers and online.
Retail value: $60.00

WIN IT: ShāToBu has generously offered to provide one lucky reader with the ShaToBu shaper of their choice. Enter the ShaToBu Shapewear Giveaway here.

Disclaimer: The High Waist To Knee Shaper was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for my review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

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  1. I definitely could use one of these. I have tried several different body shapers in the past. Every one that I've tried was very uncomfortable. I'm 40 years old and for the past 2 years my waist line has been expanding. I have Fibromyalgia so it's hard for me to exercise every day. I think that this would help me with my muscles, posture, and weight loss.

    Thank you for this review. I had never heard of this product or company before your review. I hope that I win one. If not, then I will save my money until I can afford one. Thanks again!

  2. I love that you have the option for the high waist. I thing that this might help with my low back problems along with making my clothes look better and LOSING WEIGHT! Pretty reasonable price too. Thanks so much for the review:-)

  3. I really enjoyed the review on this product & the picture really helps to show how the product works. I'm a single mom to a 1 year old princess & work full time so its really hard for me to workout but this seems like a great way to burn calories while running around chasing my 1 year old. Thanks for the review.

  4. What a GREAT product! I would absolutely love to own one of these! I really like the reistance bands! What a FABULOUS idea!

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  5. seems perfect for staying in shape!

  6. Keeps you from sweating and helps you burn calories? Wow. I need one of those! Especially if it doesn't roll down.

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  8. Oh I've never heard of them! Thanks! I will definitely be checking them out!

  9. This review was really well written and has a lot of great info so thank you!

  10. I am becoming very uncomfortable with my "middle" lately. Hopefully this would be to my benefit.
    dancejamboree at gmail dot com

  11. What a GREAT!!! product that can improvement in posture, tightening of my muscles and BEST!!! of all help you lose weight.

  12. I enjoy reading your reviews. They have been quite helpful and has opened my world to many new products!!

  13. That is great that even in 105° F weather you felt cool and dry. Also I had wondered if was comfortable to wear so good to know that although it was snug it wasn't uncomfortable for you.

  14. I am completely amazed at how much detail goes into this piece of body shapewear! Love the gusset design!


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