Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fit For Fall: Fit Deck- Exercise Playing Cards Review

fitdeckFitDeck is a series of exercise playing cards that help bring versatility and organization to your workouts. FitDeck is designed to bring new ideas and consistency to your workout, no matter your age, sex, lifestyle or skill level.

Have you ever put your workout clothes on, grabbed your weights and thought, “okay, now what am I supposed to do?” I know this happens to me all to often. I know how to walk on a treadmill, or function a stair climber, but when it comes to working out on my own, I am completely clueless. FitDeck is the perfect solution to help guide my workouts and keep me motivated.

Perfect for on the go, the FitDeck Bodyweight contains exercises that require bodyweight only – no need for fitness equipment or workout machines. FitDeck Bodyweight is the original and most popular deck of exercise playing cards. It contains illustrations & instructions describing 50 upper, middle, lower, and full body exercises.

fitdeck-yoga-poseThe FitDeck Yoga playing cards display 50 “common Yoga poses” in a concise and user-friendly format. Yoga is great for improving balance,breathing and strength. I have always been interested in learning how to practice Yoga but videos are difficult to watch while trying to master the pose. With FitDeck Yoga, I can lay the card beside me and easily view the positions. This is designed for all skill levels but as a beginner myself, I find it extremely helpful. If you have always wanted to learn yoga, but weren't sure were to begin, FitDeck Yoga is the perfect answer! 

The last FitDeck I received is my absolute favorite! Core Blast demonstrates over 20 exercises targeted at the mid-section. The Core Blast does not require weights, but don’t let that fool you. I found this workout to be very intense. I could hear every muscle in my abdomen screaming for mercy. I definitely felt the burn which indicated to me that this actually works. It’s a good burn – one that let’s me know my goals are closer within reach than I originally thought.FDBWCards.indd

FitDeck is easy to understand and follow- choose an exercise, shuffle the cards, select a card, perform the exercise, grab a new card, then repeat.. The decks are sold in clear plastic protective cases which make these decks convenient to carry along wherever you go. FitDeck can be used alone or in conjunction with your current workout plan.


PURCHASE INFORMATION: FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards may be purchased starting at $9.95 and up. Visit www.fitdeck.com to browse all FitDeck collections.

Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned FitDeck playing cards in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for my review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.


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  1. okay wow, after reading your review of this, im kind of obsessed with this...such a great idea...i definitely need to invest in these for my lazy couch days

  2. You can also try FitDeck using your mobile phone. FitDeck Mobile is available now for BlackBerry and Android along with an increasing majority of other cell phones and mobile devices. www.fitdeckmobile.com


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