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Conair Infiniti Pro Blow Dryer Review

Conair certainly lives up to their motto: Conair, For Great Hair….Salon Results at Home. I have been a long time believer in Conair and their amazing product line. I have a house full of Conair brand products including a lighted mirror, curling iron, blow dryer and more. I use all of them on a daily basis and could not imagine my day without Conair.

conair-infiniti-pro-blowdryerConair is a name you can trust. All of their products are affordable and made to last for years and years. When I say years, I don’t mean two years, not even four years. I have been using the same Conair blow dryer for the past eight or nine years. While the Conair blowdryer I have still works, I know it has lived a good life and wanted to try something new. When I first saw the Infiniti Pro by Conair, I knew I had to try it for myself.

The Infiniti Pro hair dryer arrived in an eye-catching, brilliant electric orange color. As you can imagine, ergonomics wasn’t as recognized nine years ago as it is today. My old Conair dryer is made with a straight handle which can become uncomfortable after an extended period of use. The new Infiniti Pro blow dryer is ergonomically designed to provide ultimate comfort. It features a slight curve in the handle which allows the user to easily reach different angles without the slightest feeling of discomfort.


When I received my new blow-dryer, I was surprised (and overjoyed) to find two attachments. The attachments are black, and easy to attach/detach. Both attachments work great for drying a large section of hair or a smaller section. Although it may seem like drying your full head of hair at once will work the fastest, blow-drying one section at a time will help produce the best results. The instructions did not indicate the uses of the diffuser attachments, but I found they both eliminate frizz and help cut the drying time in half.

The Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool is by far the best blowdryer I have ever used. There are so many wonderful qualities that I feel it’s best to break it down into sections…

Design – The curved handle makes this blowdryer easy to grip and just as easy to move from one position to the next. The controls are on a rocker switch which is what all blow dryers should have. They’re much better than dials or slider controls because it eliminates accidently changing to a different setting.

Quality – The quality is superior! Made to last, the Infiniti hairdryer features a sleek, flawless design. Compared to my other Conair dryer, this one is slightly heavier. I have a ganglion cyst in my wrist which makes it difficult to bend and hold heavy objects. Even with the heavier weight (vs. my current blow dryer), I had no problems drying or styling my hair.

Performance – If you think you have to pay $80-$100+ for a high-quality blow dryer, you need to try the Infiniti Pro. It is quieter than most blow dryers, which is great. Like most hair dryers, this one includes a hot, warm and cool setting, along with a high and low speed setting. Unlike other dryers, with the press of a button, you will experience a cold shot of air, which is ideal for setting your style. I have also found that finishing off with cold air helps seal the cuticle which prevents damage.

A unique powerful AC motor helps to ensure a fast drying time. This results in less heat exposure, which helps prevents hair breakage and damage. The Infiniti Pro puts salon performance power into the palm of your hands by utilizing an AC (alternating current) motor.Typically, this type of high-performance motor is found in professional styling tools and in chic salons. However this professional performance tool is 15 percent lighter than most AC motor dryers, making it easy to achieve salon style in the comfort of your own home.

Price - Comparable blow dryers will cost you hundreds. The Infiniti Pro by Conair is the most affordable blowdryer yet, at just under $40.00. 

I’m not a big “specifications girl”. To be quite honest, specs can often seem like a foreign language.  What matters most is the performance, and the Conair Infiniti Pro performs better than the competition. Yet, if you do prefer to examine the specifications, here they are:

1875 watts

15% lighter with new AC motor design

AC motor delivers more powerful, fast airflow for styling ease and guarantees up to 3x longer life

Ionic technology to reduce frizz and enhance shine

Ceramic technology safely dries and promotes healthy hair

True cold shot button to lock in curls, waves & style

Rocker switches – 3 heat, 2 speed switches for heat and airflow control

Removable filter prevents damaging lint buildup and extends motor life

2 concentrator attachments to achieve a variety of styles

Limited four-year warranty

Unit weight: 2.55 lbs.


The photo shown to the right was taken just after using the new Conair Infiniti Pro Blowdryer. I hope you are able to see the long length of my hair. What you may not know is that my hair is actually naturally curly – think a big, frizzy, tangled mess. My hair takes hours to air dry and with most types of blowdryers, it takes anywhere from 60min- 120min to completely blow-out. 

With the Infiniti Pro, I am able to dry my hair in under 30 minutes! The attachments work great at drying sections, which is the only option for someone with long, thick, coarse hair. Because the attachments work so well, I have found it takes me less time to flat iron my hair as well. Talk about convenience! 

Lastly, I must tell you about my recent purchase for an at home hair bleaching kit. Being the “expert” that I am, I did not feel the need to read the instructions. When it was time to rinse, I grabbed my conditioner, which actually read “lightening cream.” Not only was my hair completely fried, but it was yellow, orange and white. I colored over the bleach with an ash blonde color, but my hair was still breaking off at the ends. Using the Infiniti Pro has really shown excellent results. My hair actually looks better after blow-drying my hair. My damaged hair looks healthy, shiny and there is visibly less breakage. The size is ideal for everyday use and is compact enough to take along for travel. The only change I would suggest is implementing a swivel cord. This blowdryer offers amazing salon results at a price that won’t break the bank.



PURCHASE INFORMATION: The Infiniti Pro can be purchased at most major retailers and online. Retail value: $39.99

STORE LOCATOR: Find a local retailer.

WIN IT: Conair has generously offered to provide one lucky reader with the Infiniti Pro Blow Dryer. Enter the Conair giveaway here.

Disclaimer: The Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for my review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.


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  1. Jen I have to admit. I love your reviews and it is hard not to want to go out and buy a new conair after reading your review. My blow dryer is falling apart. So I needed direction on which blow dryer would be great for the price. Thank you.

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  3. I love your hair! Thanks for the review! I love when you get a decent priced product that actually works great!

  4. Thanks for the review. I blew up my hair dryer in Europe last week. LOL Looking for a new dryer hopefully I win this one..

  5. The time difference is a huge plus for me!! I also have a lot of big curly messy hair and I HATE blow drying it! I normally let it air dry but it never looks the way I want.

    I couldn't make myself buy one of those crazy expensive dryers so I'm really glad you reviewed this one!!...also thanks for the picture, that really helped!

    nesamarie at gmail dot com

  6. thanks so much for the thorough review! It's good to see comments before buying such a high-end product

  7. Seriously when i was young Conair was known for and end of the line product but I have been noticing all their great new designs and products and your rview just sold me 100%, thank you!

  8. Yours is the second review ive read of this hairdryer and the second time ive read how it cuts the frizzies so now i really want one:)Im growing my hair at 43 years old and learning to style it instead of chopping and colouring it!

  9. This is a great review! I loved when you were overjoyed and surprised by the two attachments, and extra bang for your buck is always a nice surprise!


  10. You have beautiful hair! I love that it comes with the 2 extra attachments!

  11. looks like a great hairdryer. your hair looks amazing in the pic!

  12. This looks great! I think I would really like the curved handle. I've been saying that the handle on hairdryers should be curved for a while! It's also great that there are 2 different attachments.

  13. Wow! it sounds amazing for such an affordable $40! Agree with the others, your hair looks great! :)

  14. I find this to be a well-informed review. I've been looking for a new blowdryer and this may just be THE one for me!

  15. My daughter would LOVE This color and is going to be 11 on Labor day...she is ready for her OWN dryer. You sold me on the ergonimic design...I have trouble holding mine due to joint problems. thanks for this great reveiw...REALLY, you took a lot of time to show it's great features!

  16. I love that you used the attachments and that they eliminate frizz an help decrease drying time - i have never used attachments to blowdryers but i might have to try them now that you gave those tips - thanks!!

  17. I too have had a Conair hair dryer for about 15 years. I have been thinking about getting a new dryer and after reading your review and my own experience Conair it is.

    thank you

  18. When I first saw the Infiniti Pro by Conair, I knew I had to try it for myself. The Infiniti Pro hair dryer arrived in an eye-catching, brilliant electric ...


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