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Total Fitness DVD’s Review

Total Fitness DVD’s is an online retailer offering the best prices available on fitness  DVD’s, fitness equipment, and children’s workouts. Their website is very user friendly and offers quick and easy navigation. They sell thousands of DVD’s from the top brands such as Beach Body, Firm, and Jillian Michaels from the hit televisions series, The Biggest Loser.

As a stay at home mom, I understand the challenges that women are faced with when it comes to weight loss. I have Polycsystic Ovarian Syndrome which makes it easy to gain weight and difficult to lose weight. I gained 90 pounds during my pregnancy and have been trying, unsuccessfully, for two years to lose it. I was so excited to find Total Fitness DVD’s! They have every workout imaginable available including aerobics, toning, dance workouts, kettleball workouts, pilates, stability ball exercises, yoga and so much more! I had a hard time deciding which DVD I wanted. I enjoy working out, but like many people I lack the motivation and dedication it takes to stick with a program. For this reason I chose the The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout by Jillian Michaels.

Biggest-Loser-Last-Chance-Workout-DVD-Jillian Michaels

Instructor: Jillian Michaels

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning

Equipment Needed: 2 Hand Weights

Total Running Time: 50 Minutes

Description: A 6-week program combining a unique blend of cardio and strength designed to boost your fat-burning potential.

Workouts: Warm-up, Last Chance Workout, Upper Body Sculpt, Lower Body Tone and Cool Down.

I can’t tell you the number of DVD’s I have purchased only to sit on the shelves collecting dust. The Last Chance Workout is different. I’m not confined to the same boring workout everyday. This DVD allows you to choose which workout you would like to use. The menu lists the days of the week, with a different workout each day. You have the option to follow the daily workouts, or you can create your own plan and workout to just one, or all of the different workouts.

I love Jillian Michaels. She is hard core. She pushes you, which is exactly what I need. The Last Chance Workout kept me engaged and tested my limits. Even the warm-up had me sweating. The Last Chance Workout can be played with Jillian’s Instructions or with music only. The fast beat music is enjoyable, which kept me wanting to move. When Jillian is instructing, she points out one male and one female who are working out to a modified version. This is great for those who want to workout with Jillian, but aren’t quite sure you are ready for her tough, assertive, training. The Last Chance involves a lot of movement. The moves themselves are easy enough for beginners, but it can become more of a challenge to complete the entire workout. There are no ab-specific workouts such as crunches, but a majority of the workouts will target your abs. In the beginning, I could only complete 15 minutes. I worked out everyday and after just a couple of weeks I can complete the entire 50 minutes. I have also lost 8 pounds in two weeks, so this definitely works. If I can do it, anyone can!


Jay Johnson is a retired U.S. Army Drill Instructor. He is also the official trainer of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. He creates fitness DVD’s incorporating the same workouts as he uses to train. I’m not just saying this because I live in Dallas, but the Cowboy’s Cheerleaders have one of the most strict guidelines and all of the cheerleaders have trimmed and toned bodies. Because I like to be pushed and encouraged, I chose the Boot Camp Fitness Ultimate Abs DVD .


Instructor: Jay Johnson, Lin Johnson

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning

Equipment Needed: Hand Weights

Total Running Time: 89 Minutes

Description: This DVD focuses on core strength and energy, increased stamina, and is designed to trim inches. Jay Johnson and wife, Lin Johnson will drill you until you can’t take it any longer. Get ready to sweat. this is the ultimate abs workout!

Workouts: Includes Beginner (red phase) Intermediate (white phase) and Advanced (blue phase) options and a warm up (prep) and cool down (recover) for each phase.

If you have been trying to achieve a defined core or would just like to tone your midsection, this is the DVD to give you those results. I am so happy I chose Ultimate Abs! I love that there is an option to select beginner, intermediate or advanced. As a mom fighting the belly bulge, this is the perfect DVD to target my midsection. Since I did gain so much weight during pregnancy, my stomach sags from weight loss. I know many moms experience the same stubborn “mommy pouch” near the lower abdomen.

In this DVD, there is music played occasionally. When the music is not playing, there is a drum beat sounding. I wasn’t crazy about the music/drums but the workouts are killer. I have never felt my stomach burn like it does when using Ultimate Abs – I LOVE it! This DVD has already helped to me lose several inches and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good abs workout.

Total Fitness DVD’s offers you the convenience to work out in the comfort of your own home, on your own time. They definitely have a DVD for everyone, no matter your weight loss goals or workout preference. Both DVD’s above are available online at Total Fitness DVD’s for under $15.00. Click here to shop now. Jennifer

Disclaimer: Total Fitness DVD’s provided me with two fitness DVD’s in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for my review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. Oh wow! Do you know I bought the Biggest Loser video at Christmas time for myself, and have NOT used it once? LOL Now, I'm gonna make a point of starting this week. ;)

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