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RCA Small Wonder Camcorder-Review

When you want to capture life’s precious moments, there is no better way then with pictures and videos. I’m sure many consumers would agree that cost is a major deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a new video camera. Fortunately, Audiovox understands the need for affordable electronics and offers many great brands such as Energizer, Jensen, Advent and RCA.


My two year old son is growing faster than a weed! I take pictures of him regularly, but have not had the opportunity to record him on video. My biggest concerns were space – there is no extra room to store a video camera, and cost – camcorders are very pricey and hard to come by on a single income. Recently, I was introduced to the RCA EZ1000 Small Wonder Digital Camcorder – a camcorder that would soon solve both of my concerns.

When my Small Wonder EZ1000 arrived, I was surprised at how small it actually was. It measures 0.9 x 2.5 x 4.3 inches and is similar in size to an iPod. Finally, a video camera made for everyday use! I love that it’s lightweight and small enough to carry in my purse, diaper bag or even in my pocket!

The EZ1000 has the ability to take photos as well as record videos with the simple touch of a button. Without the MicroSD Memory Card, you are able to capture up to five minutes of HD Quality video. With the memory card, the EZ1000 will record up to 8 hours in HD quality or 16 hours in web quality.

The RCA EZ1000 Small Wonder Digital Camcorder was quick and easy to set up. It literally took me seconds to install the AAA batteries before I was ready to begin taking photos and videos. I was surprised at how great the quality of the photos were. They actually turned out much better then my $200 digital camera. My photos were clear, focused and high quality.


The video feature is very simple to use. The largest red button located in the center of the device is pressed to start, stop, or resume recording. Because I did not purchase the Micro SD Card, my video time was limited, but I was able to record several minutes. The video option couldn’t be easier. My videos came out sharp, clear and focused. I was able to easily understand the voices/sounds recorded. The only drawback to this Small Wonder is its limited recording time. The amount of time limits the user to just a few minutes of record time. I plan to purchase the Micro SD Card to take full advantage of my new Small Wonder Digital Camcorder. Another nice added feature is the flip out display. I can view the video while I’m recording, or simply flip the screen out, turn the device around and watch myself on screen. This feature would be great for vlogging, video reviews, video diaries and for teenagers ( they love taking pictures and videos of themselves).

The Small Wonder honestly has me wondering- how can such a tiny device do so much? I am very impressed with how easy it is to operate. The front of this Small Wonder has a round button in the center and is surrounded by just four buttons which allow the operator to play/pause, access the menu, delete, and access the camera. I know how easy it is to become overwhelmed with so many buttons/options, which is what makes me appreciate the Small Wonder even more.



  • One Button Video Recording
  • Flip Out Display For Self Recording
  • Easy To Use Software – View, Edit, Share, and Save
  • Still Photo Capability
  • Supports Micro SD Card (not included)
  • 3x Digital Zoom
  • Direct Upload to YouTube, Facebook, Email, or Vimeo
  • Easily Email Video Clips to Family and Friends
  • Mini USB Connection
  • Software Automatically Activates When Camcorder is Connected


  • 2- AAA Batteries
  • AV Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Black Protective Pouch
  • Convenient Wrist Strap

I feel so blessed to now have the option to never miss another precious family moment. Whether you are looking for a new camera or a compact camcorder, the Small Wonder is the best choice. Not only can you take the Small Wonder anywhere and everywhere you go, but you can do so without breaking the bank.


BUY IT: The price of the Small Wonder EZ1000 varies depending on retailer. The prices on Amazon begin at just $45.00.

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Disclaimer: Audiovox/ RCA provided me with the Small Wonder EZ1000 in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for my review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

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  1. I'm curious. How is it on batteries? Does it drain them quickly? I really like the looks of this, and it seems to be great value, but if it eats batteries coming and going, then maybe I should consider a larger camcorder.



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