Friday, July 16, 2010

Manage Twitter Followers, Fans, & Friends With Friend or Follow

With so many Twitter users and Twitter Blog hops, it’s often difficult to keep up with everyone. You can choose to receive new follower notifications via email or Twitter direct message, but even then, it can become overwhelming with so many notifications flooding your inbox.friend-or-follow-logo

Luckily, there is a site called Friend or Follow that helps you manage your Twitter followers as well as the Twitterers you are following.

Friend or Follow is easy to use and does not require you to sign up. All you have to to is enter your Twitter username and hit submit. From there, you will see a page that looks similar to your Twitter profile. On this page are 3 tabs: Following, Fans, and Friends.

The “Following” tab will show you the number of people you are following on Twitter, who are not following you back.

The “Fans” tab will show you the number of people following you, who you are not following back. You may choose to follow you fans directly from this screen, or by clicking on their icon, you will be taken to their Twitter page, where you will also have the option to follow.

The “Friends” tab shows you the number of people you are following, who are also following you back.

Each of the three sections/tabs allows you to customize your search while sorting by Twitter username, name, location, followers, following, last tweet, or account age. You can also choose which type of users to show, such as protected, verified or normal. Here’s a screenshot to give you a better idea (just click on it to enlarge):


Friend or Follow has been a tremendous help and is a great Twitter Tool. If you use Twitter on a regular basis and want to stay in touch with all of your Twitter Friends, I highly recommend it!



  1. Thanks for the info Jen...heading over now to check it out.

  2. I use friendorfollow regularly. I also use to clear out the spammers from my followers. Both are excellent tools!


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