Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Forever 21 Launches Maternity Line

forever-21-maternity-line Forever 21 has been the affordable place for teens and tweens to shop since 1989, when they were known as Fashion 21.

The Los Angeles-based chain has recently launched their new “Love 21” trendy maternity clothing line.

Love 21 Maternity will include the latest styles and trends in maternity wear at a price that won’t break the bank. Their online collection includes items such as maternity panels, maternity yoga pants, maternity leggings, and a variety of comfortable, yet sexy maternity tops.

The new maternity clothes will be available online and in stores in just five states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Texas, and Utah. Instead of opening stores in the largest markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, the popular retailer has chosen to sell the new maternity collection in states with the highest teen pregnancy rate.

Click here to shop the new Love 21 Maternity Collection. Jennifer


  1. This was a hard one because I want to say that yes it is sending the wrong message. However, I don't think that a fashionable store that is geared towards teens will really influence teenagers TO get pregnant. I don't believe it's sending out the wrong message that it's okay to get pregnant at such a young age. I believe that teenagers who think fully will know how to make their own choices and wouldn't let something like that influence them. At least I hope not!!

  2. On one hand I think it's great to offer the clothes. I mean, I totally would have bought them when I was pregnant as I hated the clothes I found for pregnant women.

    On the other hand, I want to get upset that this particularly teen friendly store is selling maternity clothes. However, selling clothes for them to wear, or not selling them, isn't going to change the fact teens keep getting pregnant. I mean, I doubt kids will see the maternity clothes and get pregnant just to wear them.

  3. I shop at Forever 21 and so do my teens. Whenever we walk in there are tons of women of all ages buying and I think the demographic they are trying to reach is not necessarily pregnant teens. I believe they want to connect with every fashionable woman who wants stylish not babyish clothes when pregnant.
    Glad to connect here!


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