Thursday, July 15, 2010

Find Whatever It Is You Are Looking For – FREE


Have you ever found yourself thinking “should I really be throwing this away?” I know there have been plenty of occasions where I threw something away before later realizing someone else may have found my stuff to be valuable and useful to them.

The wonderful non-profit movement, Freecycle, helps to provide free products to people all over the world. Freecycling is the economical, easy, safe and “green” way to literally recycle_earth_hearthelp save the earth. 

From housewares to mobile homes and old vehicles, to electronics and clothing, people all over the country are making the smart decision to freecycle rather than discard. When someone freecycles, they are giving (completely free) their unwanted item(s) to another person who needs that item. By opting to freecycle rather than discard, we are doing our part to save Mother Earth by eliminating waste in our landfills

The Freecycle Network is made up of more that 4,000 Yahoo Groups, with over 7,341,000 members across the globe. Individuals must sign up for their preferred group, usually in their own neighborhood or city. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer and the membership is absolutely free.

I have actively participated in Freecycle by giving away my unwanted items as well as asking for specific items I was in need of. It is such an amazing free stuff website to belong to. Not only do you help keep the world a cleaner place, but you help others out at the same time. This is the only way I know of to find everything you are looking for free online.

Each group has their own set of rules, therefore I am uncertain of any donation restrictions or limitations. I have given away items such as flat irons and curling irons, men’s clothing, pots and pans, exercise equipment, unused baby formula, baby items and the list goes on and on.

treasure_chest_pic I’m sure with over 7 million members, there are a few people that are giving away things most people wouldn’t want. However, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” so I am sure someone is looking for their “junk".” From my experience, the items I received were new or gently used. The quality was exceptional and similar to a new store purchase or online eBay purchase. When I was interviewing for a position in the medical field, I needed scrubs so I posted a Freecycle “wanted” post at the very last minute. I nearly cried when dozens of members responded by offering brand new scrub sets.

I know safety may be a concern for some families or women who are often home alone with their children. Whether you are donating something or picking something up, the arrangements can be negotiated between both parties. When I was picking items up, my husband escorted me to the home, where the items were left on a porch. If I was donating, I would either meet the person at a central, well-lit store with my husband or I would leave the items on my porch. Never agree to terms that make you feel uncomfortable.

In addition to helping individuals and families, Freecycle would also be ideal for teachers looking for free supplies, Church’s as well as other organizations.

To sign up for a Freecycle group near you, click here.


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  1. I loooooove Freecylce! I've received some pretty awesome things, and it's a handy way to get rid of the things you don't want or aren't worth selling!


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