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Angel Eyewear Sunglasses: Review

Kristen-Williams-Angel Eyewear Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize any outfit but more importantly they are worn to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Many sunglasses are designed simply for their style and forget to include the much needed protection. Fortunately, Angel Eyewear designs stylish and fashionable sunglasses complete with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

imagination-pink-brown-sunglasses Angel Sunglasses are designed with fashion first and made to compliment the lifestyle of every woman. When you shop at Angel Eyewear, you know you will be shopping the highest quality handmade Italian glasses at the most affordable prices. Their sunglasses are made with zyl (zylonite, or cellulose acetate), nylon, high-grade nickel silver, and only the best hinges available to ensure a great fit and long lasting durability. Angel Eyewear Sunglasses will keep your sensitive eyes protected with their 100% UVB and UVA, scratch resistant coated lenses that offer ultimate optical clarity.

I was sent the following sunglasses:

Angel Mod Black Frame - Smoke Polarized Lens

Angel-Eyewear-Mod Sunglasses

Wonder Bone/Smoke Polarized Lens

Angel-Sunglasses-Wonder Black

Right away, I was impressed at how quickly I received my new sunglasses. Both pairs arrived in their own individual box. Upon opening each sunglass box, I was happily surprised to find each pair safely tucked away in a nice black protective sunglass case. One sophisticated sunglass case has the “angel” logo inscribed, while the other case has the angel logo directly below the angel wings. Each pair of sunglasses also included a warranty card, special lens cleaning cloth and angel sticker.

Inside of my heavy duty, black sunglass cases were the most stylish glasses I have ever laid eyes on. The detail is exquisite and more importantly they are extremely comfortable.

Angel Eyewear-Sunglass-Review Angel Eyewear-Sunglass-Cases

Women with a round face shape look best in rectangular (geometric or angular type) sunglasses, which is why I choose the Angel Wonder glasses. Not only are these glasses chic and sophisticated, but they match everything. They complete every outfit which is one of the reasons why I have been wearing them every day since I received them. Because they make my face appear longer and thinner, these are by far the best sunglasses I have ever owned. They’ve passed the toddler strength/durability test, getting sat on and even being left on the car dashboard on a hot sunny day.

Wonder Sunglass Features


Lightweight flexible Nylon frame material
5 barrel metal stop hinge
8 base sunglasses lenses
RXable lenses
Polarized styles available
100% UV Protection

The Wonder Sunglasses are available in a variety (5) of frame colors. Once you’ve decided on a frame color, you will have the option to customize the lens color. The price begins at $65.00 and varies up to $95.00, depending on your frame and lens choices.

The Mod Sunglasses have more of a square shape to them with a slight butterfly angle. I absolutely adore the black and red geometric shapes on the bands. The shape of these glasses didn’t agree with the shape of my round face. I believe these would look best on women who do not have a round face. I gave this pair to my sister-in-law and she must love them because she is wearing them every time I see her!

Mod Sunglass Features


Lightweight flexible Nylon frame material
5 Barrel Metal Stop Hinge
6 base lenses
RXable Sunglasses
Polarized styles available
100% UV Protection

In addition to being fashionable, both pairs of sunglasses are truly incredible. Many sunglasses look pretty until you put them on and notice everything has a new yellow, gray or blue tint. I did not encounter this problem with Angel Eyewear’s sunglasses. Both pair of glasses allowed me to view everything in its true color, yet everything looked clearer. Both worked incredibly by blocking the sun-especially in morning and late afternoon when the sun’s glare is the worst. When you’re looking for the latest trends in sunglasses at a reasonable price, there is no place better than Angel Eyewear.


BUY IT: Shop Angel Sunglasses, shop online or find a local retailer.

Disclaimer: Two pairs of Angel Sunglasses were provided to me in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for my review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.Jennifer


  1. thanks for the follow!

  2. I soooo love the Angel Eyewear line! I don't own a pair (yet!), but sunglasses are an absolute necessity for me everyday. Apparently, the lighter your eye color, the more sensitive your eyes are to the sun. I have light blue eyes, and I can't go outside at all without sunglasses or I look like a squinty mole! :) Thanks for the review...these really seem to be excellent quality sunglasses!

  3. I love the pink ones above! I also like that they actually block the sun. So many times I get a pair and I am still squinting

  4. it's great that they have %100 UV protection.

  5. It's AWESOME!!! to find a stylish and fashionable sunglasses complete with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

  6. I love the custom lens color option. Gotta keep my peeps safe.

  7. My daughter loves the style of the sunglasses, but personally I wish they showed a little love to the other 50% of the population.

  8. You did a well detailed review. i liked how you shared your experiences and your likes about the sunglasses. I also liked how you suggested the shape of face that would fit perfectly with the type of sunglasses that you tried. It was a very helpful review!


  10. cute choices! And thanks for the advice about rectangular glasses on round faces (thats me!)

  11. Awesome , I love the eyeglass cases, is there a national retailer that carries these? I love the spirit model online.

  12. These are great looking glasses and reasonably priced. Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)aol(DOT)com

  13. I'm impressed with the quality and nice packaging.
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