Friday, June 25, 2010

Zuvo Water Filtration System: Review & Giveaway

better-health There is no doubt, drinking water is essential to our health. The tap water that comes directly from our faucet tastes terrible. You can taste chemicals, and it is far from satisfying. My husband and I discussed purchasing a water purifying pitcher, but the idea of replacing the water filters frequently has led us to explore alternative options.

zuvo-water-purator-218x300Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Zuvo Water Filtration System. I love this home filtration system for so many reasons: easy to install, saves time and money, quiet, convenient, and it makes water taste great!

When I first received my Zuvo, I admit it sat on the counter next to the sink for a few days. I was dreading the thought of having to assemble and install it. When I removed my Zuvo Water Filtration System from the box, I was surprised to find it was much easier to install than I originally anticipated. All I had to do was remove the “cap” from my faucet and screw the faucet attachment from the Zuvo to my faucet. The complete installation took less than five minutes! Once installed, the  Zuvo Water Filtration System gives you easy access to great tasting, clean water right from your tap.

How It Works

Zuvo Water Filtration System fits in any kitchen and is available to accommodate countertop installation and under-counter installation. Both Zuvo models are available in stainless steel or black. For my review, I received the stainless steel filtration system for our countertop.

zuvo-above_counter zuvo-under_counter

The Zuvo does use electricity but only when it is on. The system uses just 27 watts of power during the time it it on. The Zuvo Water Filtration System reduces chlorine, lead and tiny particles in just five easy steps: ozonation, ultraviolet light, photo-oxidation, filtration and lead removal, and post-filtration UV.

Step 1: Ozonation

In nature, ozone is generated by lightning and cleans the air where rainwater forms. The Zuvo Water Filtration System mixes ozone with incoming tap water to treat taste and odor contaminants and improve taste. Like chlorine, ozone is a powerful oxidizer. Unlike chlorine, ozone leaves no chemical residue.

Step 2: Ultraviolet Light

The ozone saturated water is flooded with high-intensity UV light - the same as the solar energy that cleans water in the upper atmosphere.

Step 3: Photo-Oxidation

The Zuvo Water Filtration combines UV and ozone in a patented process known as photo-oxidation which releases powerful oxidizers to further treat the water.

Step 4: filtration with Lead Removal

Pure spring water is created by passing through fine particles in the earth. Zuvo uses the same principle by passing water through a Class 1 Particulate Reduction Filter, reducing chlorine taste and odor, lead, and tiny particulates.

Step 5: Post-Filtration UV

The filtered water is again exposed to high-intensity UV light as it leaves the Zuvo, ensuring that you get clean, healthy, great tasting water...just the way nature intended!

The instructions suggest allowing the water to run for five minutes prior to drinking. I followed the instructions and once the five minutes was up, I pulled the little switch on the Zuvo Faucet and filled my glass with crystal clear water. The water tasted clean and fresh, which was a big change from the chlorine taste I am used to.


Besides the great tasting water, I am very excited to find out Zuvo is the cheapest water filtration system in comparison to other top brands. In addition to saving on filters, I have also enjoyed the savings from not having to purchase bottled water. I feel a sense of comfort and relief knowing my family will be drinking clean, safe, healthy water.

Zuvo is giving away a Zuvo water filtration system to one of my lucky readers. Click Here to enter my Zuvo Giveaway.


Purchase Information

Shop online at Zuvo or use their convenient store locator to find Zuvo in a store near you.

Cost: $299.99

*Disclaimer: A sample was provided to me in exchange  for my honest review. I received no other compensation for my review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. Do you need to let it run for five minutes every time? Or is it just that first time to get the water running through the system?

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  7. $0.06 a gallon?! I could totally use one of these. Could get rid of my brita filter...always having to buy new filters for that pitcher.

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  9. I learned that if I don't win this, I can purchase it from Hope it doesn't have to come to that... :)


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