Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swimsuits For All - Sizes 8 and Up Swimwear Shop Review

Sexy Plus Size SwimsuitGet ready ladies. It's that time of year again. Yes, I'm talking about swimsuit season! Whether you enjoy splashing around in the ocean or pool, or prefer lounging on your deck to soak up the sun, you want a comfortable bathing suit that makes you look and feel great and won't max out your credit card.

Shopping for a great fitting swimsuit is easier said than done. Aside from the frustration of not finding a single swimsuit, I want to know why the fitting room lights feel like heat lamps baking my skin? If you are like me and aren't quite ready to head to the stores to begin the search for a figure flattering swimsuit, you should head over to .Use the style selector to find the perfect fit for your body in the privacy of your own home!

Modest SwimsuitTaking inspirations from sun, sand, and sea, Swimsuits For All offers plus size swimwear, plus size swimsuits, women's swimsuits, and related apparel & accessories that work for women with real curves, sizes 8 & up. Swimsuits For All strives to offer quality swimsuits that will fit your unique body, style, and budget and fashionably flatter your next escape.

Swimsuits For All has a vast selection of swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes. I chose a Black & White Floral Two Piece Shortini swimsuit from the Beach Belle collection. Beach Belle was designed for real women with real curves helping them feel confident and comfortable, while being easy on their budgets and flattering to the eyes.

Sexy tankini I love this classic plus size shortini because it is modest, yet it doesn't look like something my grandmother would wear. This is the first summer I will have worn a swimsuit following the birth of my son. Having a child has completely changed my body. It is important to me that I keep my imperfections hidden. This swimsuit provided the perfect amount of coverage while still allowing me to feel sexy.

Of course, it doesn't need to be summer for you to wear a swimsuit. You can wear your Swimsuits For All swimsuit at the gym pool, indoor pools, or in the hot-tub during any season. I wore my cute shortini in our hot tub. The elastic waistband allowed for a perfect fit. This is the most comfortable swimsuit I have ever worn! I admire the fact that both my top and bottoms stayed in place. Often, I find swimwear that seems fine until I get into the water only to discover the material stretches out and nearly falls off.

cheap swimWhether you are looking for Tankinis , Skirtinis, Shortinis, One Pieces, Swim-Dresses, Coverups, Maternity Swimsuits or Post Mastectomy Swimwear, Swimsuits For All is available 365 days a year to help get you into the perfect swimsuit for your body and style.

They offer free consultations where their swimsuit specialists can personally advise you on finding the right swimsuit for your body!

So whether you're going to enjoy sun, sand, sea, or pool, flatter your next escape with

Where To Buy: Shop

Cost: $48.00

Disclaimer: I received a sample for reviewing purposes. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

Many thanks to Amanda for providing the review sample and giveaway item!


  1. They have some reall flattering styles! I like the babydoll tankini-nice way to hide the chub! Free consultations sounds way cool! Nice review.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this website! I like how they give the models size and measurements in the item description.

  3. I love the swimwear here. The models look comfortable in all the swimsuits. I would love to try them soon :)

  4. I think they have a great selection. It's nice to find non-ugly swimsuits that will FIT. Why do department stores only carry FUGLY swimsuits for anyone larger than a size 8? I really like this site, thank you for the review! :)

    ~Amanda @Looking Glass Jewels

  5. I just love how these swimsuits are fitting and flattering on the models. There are so many CUTE selections to choose from. I hope I get to try out a Swimsuit from Swimsuits For All this SUMMER!

  6. This is the first swimsuit website that I have came across that really seems like they are all about making women comfortable within their own body during summertime. They have flattering styles for plus size women. There are many styles too! I'm very impressed.

  7. I LOVE that the models for the plus size bathing suits size!! Ironically, you rarely see that even in plus size catalogues. Way to go. Plus, it's such a pleasure to have many attractive options in plus sizes!


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