Friday, May 14, 2010

McDonalds McNuggets and Shrek Forever After House Party

If you haven't heard of House Party, you are seriously missing out on trying some of the best new products, food and drinks! I had a blast hosting the Digiorno Champions Pizza Party and I will be hosting my 2nd party next weekend!

I will admit, I signed up for nearly every House Party accepting applications, and this was the one I wanted least. I was surprise to find out my application was accepted and could not wait to find out what I would be receiving!

Today, I heard the sweet sound of the Fed-Ex truck braking in front of my house. Oh, yes, I am obsessed with receiving goodies in the mail and can immediately spot the difference between the USPS jeep, the UPS truck and the Fed Ex truck. I opened the front door and was greeted by a HUGE package. Wow! I don't know who was more excited- my young son or me! I am thrilled to be hosting this party and even more surprised at all of the amazing items that were included in our Party Pack!

Our McDonalds and Shrek Forever After House Party Pack Included:

  • A $75 Mcdonalds Arch Card to purchase 20pc. McNuggets of Fun Packs
  • 2 Shrek Collectible Glasses
  • 2 Sets of Shrek cups (8 pack)
  • 2 Sets of Shrek plates (8 pack)
  • 2 Sets of Shrek napkins (8 pack)
  • 2 Sets of Shrek invitations (8 pack)
  • Shrek the Third DVD
  • Shrek Movie Poster
  • 1 McDonalds Stage M CD full of cool, kid-friendly songs about the fun of fruits, veggies and dairy
  • 1 Shrek Happy Meal box that can be used to display the Happy Meal watches
  • 15 Coupons for a free McFlurry dessert
  • 15 McNugget of Fun Coin inserts. Included code to redeem online for prizes such as 25 free Snapfish photos, and a Free Redbox DVD movie rental,
  • 10 McNuggets of Fun Pack boxes
  • 15 Coupons for a free Minute Maid Apple Juice box
  • 15 Shrek Happy Meal Watches (assortment of Shrek characters)
  • 16 Shrek Happy Meal Toys (assortment of Shrek characters)
Seriously? What House Party Package could have been better than this?! I hate to tell you that House Party is no longer accepting applications for this party, but starting today, May 14th, you can swing by your local McDonalds to pick up your own Shrek Happy Meal.

If you missed out on the McDonalds McNuggets and Shrek Forever After House Party, I am truly sorry! I will enjoy a nugget for you. ;) But, if you want to get in on the fun and free stuff, check out the House Parties that are excepting applications:

Party On!! 


  1. My kids love Shrek AND McDonalds...wish I would've gotten this one! LOL I did sign up for the Hasbro Game Night...hope to get that one. I need to go see what else they have coming up. :) Have fun!

  2. awesome prize pack. Id say that is way better than the 2 Ive recieved. I did the 100 Cal snack party from nabisco and the party pack wasnt too exciting LOL. Tomorrow I will host the Bic party, the prize pac for that was actually pretty good :) My friend won the wine & cheese party-lucky!

  3. I love House Party! I did not apply for this one though. Following you now through FF! Have a great party!

  4. That is so cool. I'm going to go check out House Party now !

  5. I applied for this one and didn't get accepted :( Sounds like a great one though!!

  6. OMG! I'm SO son would have been in 7the heaven!

  7. This is the first I'm hearing about hosting House Parties - but I'm signed up now. I'm so glad I found your blog from the FF blog hop and I'm your latest follower.

    Hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too. I'm going to like it around here. There's a reason you have so many followers. Thanks!

  8. Happy Friday Follow ... on Saturday! I'm already a following friend. I'd love for you to drop by my blog sometime & return the favor, if you haven't already. I'd love for you to enter my giveaways too - Ladybug/ Bumblebee Hair Clips & Tutu (ends TONIGHT 5/15 @ Midnight) and giggle Guide to Baby Gear book (ends TOMORROW 5/16 @ Midnight) - low entries. Quick links for each can be found in the top right sidebar of my blog. Hope you're looking forward to a great weekend!

  9. I got my box on Friday too! I have been able to have 2 other house parties, but this one! OH MAN! I was so excited with the stuff I got too. I tought it was going to be like the other parties. But this one is AWESOME! My son has a real small class and I am going to let all the kids in his class enjoy the goodies. The glasses are mine.. However my son did see them this morning and he claimed Puss & Boots! And the Arch card for $75.00... I a was real impressed. The other two parties I ended up spending a lot of extra money but I don't think I will need to buy much of anything for this one. Let me know how your party comes out. I am not doing mine on the 22nd. I am going to do it on a school day durring lunch. Have fun!

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