Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Curel Targeted Therapy Review

curel Curél specializes in moisturizing lotions for all skin types. Their lotions have been specially formulated and clinically proven to combat dryness, itchiness, flaking, cracking and peeling. Curél will not only help to restore your skin to a more beautiful state, but they allow you to be carefree and confident!

During the winter months, women tend to neglect their feet. Weekly trips to the spa and salon for pedicures isn’t a priority because your feet are staying warm and covered up. I know it is hard to believe but summer is here and it is time to pull out your trendy sandals and flip flops and put your best foot forward.

Curel Targeted Therapy Creams are formulated specifically for your hard-working hands and feet. These powerful formulas hydrate and relieve dry hands & feet, yet are gentle and soothing.  curel1

From the Targeted Therapy line, Deep- Penetrating Foot Cream features highly emollient shea butter, rich coconut milk, and naturally healing vitamin E. This cream comes in a 3.5oz bottle that is perfect for home or travel.

During my pregnancy, I gained a significant amount of weight. I also had a condition that restricted me to bed rest. For 4 months, I was unable to reach my feet and sadly, it shows. My feet were in shock from not having a pedicure every week and my heels became dry and cracked. My son is a toddler now and I have yet to restore my feet back to the beautiful condition they were in, prior to pregnancy.

I was skeptical when trying Curél Foot Cream. The bottle reads “ smoothes and softens dry,cracked skin in just two nights”.  I have tried other products and waited weeks for results. I applied my Deep-Penetrating foot cream before bed and I was shocked to find noticeably softer skin when I woke in the morning.  The fragrance is light and airy and the lotion is thick and creamy. It felt like satin massaging against my skin and I love how soft my heels and feet have become. There was no greasy feeling, just touchable soft skin!

curel2 Also from Curél’s Targeted Therapy Line is the Hand and Cuticle Cream. This cream provides immediate healing relief to dry hands. The main ingredients include soothing soy milk, softening monoï oil, and naturally healing vitamin E. Rough Cuticles are softened with just one use and hands stay soft and smooth – even through several hand washings! The Hand and Cuticle cream is also available in 3.5oz, however this bottle is taller and narrower then the foot cream. Still, it is just as great for home or travel and would fit in nearly every size purse. I love that this hand cream is fast-absorbing. I did notice a greasy feeling when I first applied the lotion, but once absorbed, my skin was left feeling incredibly soft.

Both products worked wonders on my extremely dry skin. I highly recommended both products from the Curél Targeted Therapy line.

Disclaimer: I received the above complimentary Curel products for review purposes. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.


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