Monday, April 5, 2010

SodaStream Review

If you haven't heard of SodaStream, you are missing out on the coolest product ever invented! SodaStream allows you to make soda in the convenience of your own home. This battery-free, electricity-free soda making machine is environmentally friendly and simple to use!

My husband and I are both caffeine addicts. He prefers bottled soda, while I prefer fountain drinks. I am very picky when it comes to soda. Many people don't even notice, but I can definitely tell the difference from a bottle/can soda vs. soda from the fountain. This is what particularly peeked my interest in SodaStream.

For my review, I chose the Pure Model. This model is available in two different colors - White and Black/Silver. I chose the Black/Silver color option and I love how modern it looks! It looks like stainless steel on black and is very chic! If you prefer options other than stainless steel, SodaStream has a variety of Soda Makers with several color choices.

Soda Stream Review and GiveawaySodaStream also sent me 1 carbonator, 2 carbonating bottles, 9 bottles of sodamix, including 4 diet flavors, 4 regular flavors and one energy mix. The soda flavors all taste like soda you would purchase at the grocery store. My husband made his soda using Orange Mango and added additional syrup to his. I have been fighting a cold, so I opted for the Ginger Ale. I was happily surprised at how delicious my soda was. You wouldn't even know it wasn't store bought!

Sodastream Pure ModelSodaStream was very easy to set up. I simply removed the cap from the carbonator, inserted the carbonator into the back of the base, filled my carbonating bottles with tap water, pulled the lever to add carbonation then added my sodamix. My soda was ready to drink in a matter of seconds.

Environmentally Safe

Overall, I was very pleased with SodaStream. The idea in itself intrigues me, but SodaStream is so convenient, eco-friendly, and tastes great. After your initial purchase, SodaStream pays for itself. For those of you who live in states or counties that require recycling and charge an additional sales tax for bottle or can sodas, this will be an extreme money saver for you!

Try It Before You Buy It. Enter to Win A SodaStream Startup Kit!!

Where To Buy: Shop SodaStream Online or find a local retailer.

Price: Starting at $89.95

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Pure Soda Stream in exchange for my honest review. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.


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  2. I am the same way with Soda! I prefer fountained soda also. I actually won a SodaStream last December and my Husband and myself are obsessed with it. We just ordered extra bottles and CO2 containers. They also sell the syrup at our local Kohl's (just the basic flavors...but it is cheaper & without shipping).

  3. Love the machine, just be sure to get the water verrryy COLD. Once you get the machine, buuy additional syrups at


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