Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Update - Dallas Heritage Festival at Old City Park

My son will be two next month and my husband and I are looking forward to our first weekend alone since he was born. I can honestly say I haven't had more than a few hours to myself since our little guy came along. I know a lot of parents can't imagine going more than a few hours without their kids, but I think it is completely healthy and much deserved. Not to mention my son has reached his "lovely" terrible two stage! Yay, we are so excited! Here is what is on the agenda:

Old City Park and Dallas Heritage Village. It's quite possible they are one in the same. I have never been but have heard great things about Old City Park in Dallas. Tomorrow there is an old fashioned real "Wild West" gun show. Sounds fun, right?

Although my husband isn't too interested, I thought we would also check out the Green Fields, Black Smoke event. Here is a brief description: During “Living History Seasons,” characters dressed in period clothing will reveal the environmental truths of 1888 Dallas. Through special exhibits and programming, we investigate if people really were “greener” in the nineteenth century and how life on the family farm was affected by the growth of industry.

Old City Park is full of historical buildings like these:

There is so much more to see. I cannot wait! If you are in the Dallas area, and have never been, definitely check out Old City Park.

If we have any energy or money left, hubby suggests we go to the drive- in theater and make out like "back in the day". We will have to see about that.

Please understand my posts may be delayed through the weekend. I apologize for that, but I will be back in full swing By Monday.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. Must have been a wonderful visit. Thanks for the great review.

    Following from Friday Follow. Stop by and checkout my collection of artist's giveaways when you can.

  2. Well, we haven't gone yet. This was my post introducing the wonderful history at Old City Park. If weather permits, we are going this weekend, but thanks for the comment!


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