Friday, April 23, 2010

Joey Junior Purse Hanger Review

Women rarely go anywhere without their purses, which means that if a woman enters a place full of germs, so does her bag. Once you set your purse down, it is an automatic invitation for germs to latch on. What does this mean for you? Every time you set your purse down, you are exposing it to thousands of bacteria and germs that you will be carrying around with you.

A well known Microbiologist found that there was an alarmingly high amount of fecal bacteria, typically found on the bathroom floor, on the bottom of woman's purses. He found bacteria that can cause skin infections on the bottom of purses.What is more alarming, is that most women are picking up a lot of other germs like cold viruses or viruses that cause diarrhea without ever even knowing it.

Protect your purse from dirty floors filled with germs and bacteria.

Joey Junior offers the highest quality, strongest and most beautiful Purse Hangers. Their stylish and trendy purse hangers are deigned to keep your bag clean and free of harmful germs that can cause you and your loved ones to become ill.
Why place your handbag on the floor where there are germs or on the back of your chair where it can easily be stolen? Now you can hang your handbag from a beautifully designed hanger from Joey Junior! Not only will this product allow easy access of your personal belongings, but is a great way to prevent the spread of germs.

My Purple Passion Purse Hanger arrived in a black velvety protective pouch. I had several laughs watching my husband try to figure out exactly what it was. As a woman, I found this product to be an ingenious idea. I wonder why I hadn't thought of it sooner! I found Joey Junior's Foldable Purse Hanger to be very sturdy and easy to use. The images really do it no justice. My purse hanger is a beautiful deep purple with a subtle sparkle. I especially like the fact that it is so compact, lightweight and convenient to carry. I have already received several compliments on my Foldable Purse Hanger.

In addition to purses, these hangers are also great for diaper bags, laptop bags, backpacks and more!

Foldable Purse Hanger Features:

  • Holds up to 17lbs; weighs less than 2oz.
  • Stores folded to only 1 3/4″ in diameter.
  • Smaller and lighter than a compact.
  • Non-slip pad keeps hanger in place.
  • Faceted Crystal decoration in five colors.
  • Includes black velvet travel pouch.

This would make a great gift for Mother's Day! They sell for $19.95, but you can buy it now for only $14.95! Want to try it before you buy it? Enter my Joey Junior Giveaway.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary purse hanger in exchange for my honest review. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review or host a giveaway.


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