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SurgiCare Body & Facial Wax Review

melted surgicare waxSurgiCare has been formulating hair removal products since 1957. Originally, their products were used by hospitals to safely remove hair prior to surgery. It wasn't long before the beauty industry heard about the great products SurgiCare has to offer. SurgiCare is used in the medical field, salons, and millions of homes all over the country. Today, SurgiCare is one of the top-selling depilatory brands used around the world.

It's not unusual for a woman to find hair growing in places she thought it never would. Unwanted hair-growth is common on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, fingers, feet/toes. Years ago I was diagnosed with an endocrine disorder known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. One of the side effects is hirsutism, or excess hair growth. There are a variety of factors that contribute to unwanted hair growth and there are many products and procedures you can use to remove the hair growth. Most of them are costly and ineffective. However, I have discovered the brand that will solve all of your hairy problems!
I received the following SurgiCare products: Soft Face Wax (sensitive skin), On-The-Go Travel Kit, Face & Body Wax Strip Kit, Face Cream, Face Cream (sensitive skin), Face Wax and the Brazilian & Body Wax Kit. All of SurgiCare's products are based on a 3-step system:

1. Cleanse- A gel that cleans skin prior to cleaning.
Remove- Gentle wax & cream hair removal formula.
Soothe- Replenish lotion that helps restore skin's natural ph balance.

I found their 3-step system to be easy to follow. All of the products are clearly labeled which made it easy to determine when to use each item. I didn't feel the need for the cleansing gel because my skin is extremely dry in the winter. The gel would be ideal for me during the summer months to remove natural skin oils. The gel is made with Eucalyptus, Camphor and
Arnica. It has a nice minty scent to it. The Replenish Lotion (Step 3) has a light citrus scent to it. I applied this after waxing which really helped the redness fade quicker. It did not leave a greasy feeling. Instead, it was ultra moisturizing and made my skin feel buttery soft and smooth.
Out of the products I received, the Face & Body Wax Strip Kit and the Brazilian Body Wax Kit are my favorites. The Face & Body Wax Strips are strips that already contain wax and come in 3 different sizes : 8 large strips, 6 bikini strips, and 6 small strips. Because of genetics and hirsutism, I have sideburns. Not Elvis Presley sideburns, but I do have an abnormal amount of sideburn hair for a woman. I feel it is very unattractive and it does cause me to be insecure. I used the Face and Body strips to wax this area. None of the strips were the right size for this area so I cut a large strip into the desired size and it worked great! I could actually see the roots from my hair on the wax strip. It has been a week now since I waxed my sideburns and the hair still hasn't grown back. My skin is still very smooth as if I just waxed today. I like this product the most because it is very convenient, easy and the wax strips can be used for any area. I think the 3 sizes will accommodate most women's needs. I do like the fact that if they don't, you have the option to cut your desired size using the largest strip.

I had to recruit several family members to help me with this review. I know I may be hairy, but nowhere near 7 boxes of wax hairy. My mother used the Soft Face Wax (sensitive skin) on her upper lip. She doesn't have experience with waxing and made a mess with this product. The wax is almost like a liquid gel. You apply the gel to the desired area using the included spatula. She used more than needed and the gel drizzled all over the counter. Once she applied the gel, she applied the cloth strips. I firmly rubbed the strip and enjoyed ripping it off. I admit, I was a little disappointed when she didn't scream. She admitted to a slight sting, but nothing compared to the pain she had experienced with other waxes. The Soft Face Wax did a great job of removing the small amount of fuzz she had. I would only suggest that when using this product, remember less is more. It only takes a tiny amount. Using too much will probably cause a mess.

My other favorite is the Brazilian & Body Wax Kit. Not only because I had the opportunity to test this on my husband, but because it works great for large areas. This kit comes with body wax, cleanse & prep gel, replenish lotion, 5 wooden spatulas, 5 accuedge spatulas and scissors to trip longer hair prior to waxing. This wax needs to be heated before using. The directions indicate anywhere from 30-60 seconds. I found that in order to melt the full jar, I had to microwave my wax for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You will want to start at 30 seconds and increase by 15second increments. The actual heating time will vary based on your microwave.
surgicare logo
Once heated, this was very easy to apply. I used to wooden spatula to apply to my husband's shoulder. When I first saw the wax heated, I thought "Oh God, this is going to make a huge mess!" To my surprise, it didn't make a mess at all. The wax is very thick so it didn't drip like I thought. Against my advice, my husband told me to apply to the entire area (so I did). I followed the instructions and left the wax on for 15-30 seconds. No strips are needed with this kit. The wax hardness and you actually lift the edge of the wax and pull to remove hair.

surgicare body waxsurgicae -step systemBrazilian wax before heating
As you can see, the Brazilian & Body Wax kit is very effective at removing hair. All of the hair was removed, with the exception of one or two strands. This product is great for large areas such as the shoulders, back, forearms, bikini area, legs, ect. I did notice of the two areas I applied this wax, it was easier to remove the smaller section. I wouldn't recommend waxing your entire leg at once, but in several small areas instead.

The Face Cream is easy to use. You simply apply the cream, wait 4-8 minutes and wipe off with the included spatula. The hair is instantly gone. Unlike other hair removal creams, there is no burning sensation. The last item I tried was the On-The-Go Travel Kit. This kit includes 6 double sided wax strips, cleanse & prep gel, SurgisSooth replenish lotion, 2 precision razors and a pair of EZ-grip tweezers. All of the items are stored neatly in a blue-lined clear travel pouch. The On-The-Go kit is a must have for anyone who travels, especially in summer. There is nothing worse than going to the pool or beach with unsightly stubble. Like the other SurgiCare products, these are both very effective at removing hair.

If you have unwanted hair, SurgiCare is the way to go! Plucking is painful and only works on small areas. Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and can cause ingrown hairs. The hair also grows back faster than it would if you had waxed. Laser Hair removal may remove hair, but it will cost you an arm and a leg. Surgicare wax and creams will remove your hair from the root, resulting in smooth hair-free skin.

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Disclaimer: I received these complimentary products from SurgiCare in exchange for my review. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review/giveaway.


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