Friday, March 5, 2010

Cure Constipation- My Dirty Little Secret

Many people find it difficult to consume the daily recommended amount of fiber, which is 20-35g. In fact, most Americans only consume about 12-15 grams a day. I will be the first to admit, on most days I don't even come close to getting the recommended daily amount of fiber. I would take fiber tabs and powdered fiber drink mixes to compensate. But no matter what I tried, I was always constipated! It got the the point, where I would only have a bowel movement once a month, sometimes every other month.

I'm full of crap, literally! I don't want to get into too much detail as I know you don't want to hear specifically about my own bowel movements. Let me just say, I went to the doctor and was sent for a cat scan to find out why I was so stopped up. Luckily, there was no blockage, however, I was diagnosed with chronic constipation. My doctor wrote a prescription for MiraLax. This is before it was available over the counter or without a prescription. I tried this in combination with 2 (yes 2, one right after the other) saline laxatives. I hurried over to the toilet and was ready to lose 5 pounds. But, nothing happened. Over the course of several weeks, I had received numerous prescription laxatives in the form of pills, syrups, and powders. None of them helped!

Then one day, on my favorite forum, someone recommended flax seed oil. I had never heard of this stuff, but I was willing to try anything. Skeptical, I went to my grocery store and picked up a bottle of Flax Seed Oil. I took a tablespoon full and later that night I felt the urge to "go". Let's just say I was successful. The brand I used was Barlean's but I have used other brands. They all taste about the same-A nutty sweet taste. I couldn't believe flax seed oil actually worked unlike the prescriptions I had been taking.

To Help With Constipation:

Take 1-2 Tablespoons of Flax Seed Oil by mouth daily or as needed.

May also be added to your salad dressings, mixed with yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal or used in blended beverages & protein drinks.

Tastes great in smoothies!

Flax Seed Oil Promotes:

Heart Health
Healthy Cholesterol Levels
Joint Mobility & Bone Density
Energy & Endurance
Healthy Blood Glucose
Skin, Hair & Nail Health


  1. Thanks, I'm going to suggest this to the hubby! He has a bit of his own problem! lol

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  4. Flax oil is a wonderful product to have on hand. :)

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  5. I'm having trouble with this lately. I've been considering colon cleansing... but my husband says it would be pointless. The thought of poop build up scares me! I did get a CAT scan a few months ago though and they didn't mention anything... but still!

    Found your blog through Follow Friday by the way :)


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