Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blush Topless Undershirt Review

The "layered" look is a look that will never go out of style. It's such a classic look that looks great on every woman in every type of lifestyle. Before I had my son, I wore layered shirts regularly. I have a long torso, so this look was not easy to achieve for me. What I found myself doing, was wearing a spaghetti strap shirt as my layered shirt. I would have to pull the shirt so far down, that my bra actually stuck out from the top of the shirt. I would then wear another shirt on top of the spaghetti strap shirt. I had the layered look alright, but not without discomfort and constant tugging to make sure my shirts were both down far enough. Now that I have had a child and gained a significant amount of weight, it is nearly impossible to achieve the layered look without looking bulky.

I recently discovered the most amazing product known as the Topless Undershirt by Blush. I received the Blush Topless Undershirt in this Beautiful Chocolate Brown.The shirt looks like a tube top. When I first opened the package and saw my shirt, I had doubts. I was worried it would rise up or fold over when I sat down. I am always moving around and constantly chasing my rambunctious two year old. I was very happy to find that my Topless Undershirt did not slip out of place even once. There was no bulk and it looked great. The Topless Undershirt has become one of my favorite pieces!

Maternity Blush UndershirtThe Blush Topless Undershirt is great for expecting women. I wish I had known about them during my pregnancy. I was always insecure about the possibility of revealing my "lovely" maternity jeans panel. The Topless Undershirt will provide more options and varieties. If you are pregnant or have children you know that pregnancy hormones can cause instantaneous hot flashes. The fabric used in Blush's shirts is soft and light so you can wear them knowing you will stay cool and comfortable.

Blush Topless Undershirts are sold in a wide variety of colors. There are more than 6 solid color choices as well as solid colors with adorable lace detail. In addition to the solid colors, they also have colorful patterns.

Blush Topless Undershirts are a must have for every woman. This is such a cute and inexpensive way to achieve the layered look while doubling your wardrobe. Blush has made ordering easier than ever. You may purchase your Blush Topless Undershirt on the official Blush website, or use their convenient online store locator to find a store near you. To receive 20% off two or more shirts, enter the promotional code welovebloggers during checkout!

Ready to add this lovely piece to your wardrobe?

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary shirt in exchange for my review. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review/giveaway.


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