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Shushybye Sleepover Surprise Book & Close Your Eyes CD

Book CoverSeveral years ago, I interned as a teacher's assistant to first-graders for the entire school year. During that time, I was introduced to countless numbers of children's book. Eric Carle's books were always my favorite until I discovered the book Shushybye Sleepover Surprise by Steve Syatt!

My 21 month old has reached his terrible two's early. Since he's entered this stage bedtime has been a constant battle for us. There's nothing he won't do to avoid going to sleep. He will scream, cry, yell, bang on the wall, and most recently he's began to rip off his pants and diaper.
Description: Shushybye is a preschool entertainment and lifestyle brand designed to inspire children to look forward to sleep time and help parents prepare their children for sleep in a fun and loving way that encourages imagination. Importantly, Shushybye is designed to help create healthful sleep habits for toddlers and preschoolers.
Dozie, Zeez and Snoozles are all best friends who live in the magical land of Shushybye. Dozie bakes special cookies for her best friends Snoozles and Zeez to show them how much they mean to her. Dozie and Zeez then realize you don't need a special occasion to be kind to your friends. To thank Dozie for baking them a Sky Pie, they plan a concert at The House of Snooze.
My Review: My son crawled into my lap to read his new book. The Bright and fun colored illustrations really captured his full attention. He loves books and throughout the day, constantly brings me a book to read to him. Almost always, mid way through the book, he gets bored and tosses it aside. With Shushybye Sleepover Surprise, he sat in my lap from start to finish. When I was finished reading him the book, he said "read", which is the first time he has said this word. I can't say I was too surprised; this is an adorable book.

Does this book r
eally help children fall asleep? For my son it does! Granted, we have to read it to him twice, sometimes three times. My son really enjoys this book and after we are finished reading, he falls right to sleep. It's only been a couple of days, but we have been reading Shushybye Sleepover Surprise to him everynight (at his request) and he hasn't thrown even one tantrum.
What I didn't Like: The characters in this book have unique and unusual names. Although they are cute names, they are much to difficult for a child with a speech impediment to pronounce, such as my son.

The book cover glows in the dark. This is a really cool feature. I'm a grown woman and I love this myself. I'm sure preschoolers would find it fascinating as well. But, for my 21 month old, it is more of a distraction. I have to either take the book out of his room or lay it face down.

CloseCd Cover Your Eyes CD: The Shushybye Dream band is comprised of 5 talented musicians along with the lead vocals of acclaimed children's singer, Michael North. The Close Your Eyes CD features 11 tracks and is 22minutes long. Song titles include: Feels Like Magic, It's a Shushy Day, Pillow Park Rock, Beyond the Stars and Past the Moon, Shushybye Boogie Tonight, Who's Makin' Dreams, The Snort and Weez Theme Song, The Shushybye Blues, Close Your Eyes, Send Your Dream Wish, and It's Evening.

My Review: We didn't play the
Close Your Eyes CD or the Read/Sing along CD at bedtime. My son loves music more than anything. Whenever he hears music, he stops whatever it is he is doing and begins to dance. When the music stops, he gets very upset and begins to cry Playing the CD would be the worst possible way to try to get him to go to sleep. We did play it the following day and he loved it. This CD has a great combination of Pop-Rock and Lullabies.The music is very fun and entertaining. It's definitely something mom and dad can enjoy day-in and day-out.

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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.


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