Sunday, February 7, 2010

Secret Causes of Weight Gain

Your Taste Buds
Every 1:4 people are considered "under-tasters", meaning they have fewer taste-buds & therefore don't register sweet flavors as easily as everyone else. As a result, they need a lot more sugar to receive the same satisfaction. They aren't just getting added sugar, they are getting added calories.

What Can I do?
Make your taste-buds more sensitive to sweets by avoiding foods overloaded with sugar such as soda and candy. The decrease in sweetness will make your taste-buds more sensitive to sugary flavors, so you will need less to be satisfied.

Substitute a pinch of cinnamon for sugar. It will give your taste-buds the same satisfaction, without all of those added calories. Plus, cinnamon helps to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Your "Healthy" Lunch
Many of us think ordering a salad is a great substitute for a Whopper or Big Mac. Scientists say we are probably taking in more calories and fat for two reasons. First, the salad could easily have more calories if it is loaded with cheese and dressing. Second, when we eat something "healthy", subconsciously we think we can eat more of it and we tell ourselves we can have a high calorie dessert because we had a "healthy" salad.

What Can I Do?
Keep track of the actual calories and fat (not just the estimated). Most chain restaurants now post this on their websites and have available to you in the restaurant.

Salads can be great for you. Just know all of the ingredients. Don't be afraid to ask your server the next time you go out to eat. That's what they are there for and most of them are happy to answer your questions. You can also order your dressing on the side so that you are able to control the amount that is used.

Oil & Vinegar is not always the best option. I have been to restaurants that use Vegetable oil instead of olive oil. If you chose oil and vinegar, ask what type of oil is used.


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