Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not My Problem!!!

Okay, so I haven't been sleeping well lately. The past 3 nights I am still tossing and turning at 4am. My husband got home from work today and I asked him to watch our 20month old so I could take a quick nap. I was shocked at his response!

"Not My Problem"

We argued for a few minutes before I gave up. I honestly had a better chance of seeing the president in my living room then getting to take a nap. But since it's not his problem, he's obviously telling me it's my problem he snores like a freight train preventing me from sleeping. What happened both people in a marriage working together and helping each other out? Whatever. I'm so over it. 3 Words For You Honey...


When you want me to cook your dinner, Not my problem.
When you don't have any clean clothes for work, Not my problem.
You can't get any... Not MY Problem.


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